Feds finally fine hospitals for violating price transparency laws

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Healthcare ReviewCFO Report.

Atlanta-based Northside Hospital is the first health system in the nation to be fined by CMS for violating federal price transparency laws, CMS told Becker’s. 

Northside was fined more than $1 million, according to CMS. Northside Hospital Atlanta, the health system’s flagship facility, was fined $883,180, according to CMS. Northside Hospital Cherokee in Canton, Ga., was fined $214,320.

CMS said Northside Hospital Atlanta didn’t have a searchable list for consumers posted in a prominent manner that clearly identified the location of the hospital concerned, according to the report. CMS said “no consumer-friendly list of standard charges was found,” for Northside Hospital Cherokee. 

Northside told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last year that the information required by the federal government would not actually be useful to consumers because it lacked context, according to the report. Prices paid by patients can vary depending on factors like insurance contract negotiations. 

CMS also said Northside didn’t include all required services in a machine-readable file, and services weren’t included in a single file, according to the report. 

CMS told Becker’s the Northside hospitals received a notice and a corrective action plan request, but neither hospital submitted a plan, and both remained noncompliant. (Continued…)

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  1. Has an assessment/audit been made re the numbers of alleged CV-19 related deaths and how much the Govt paid the hospitals per patient over time–with a definitive tally of the money paid for all of the “reported” CV-19 deaths? At the outset, I read that hospitals were paid approx $30,000 per reported CV-19 death. Later I read that the amount was $13,000.

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