Full Measure: A Landmark Season in Review

It’s hard to believe that we are finishing year seven of my Sunday TV news program Full Measure!

This week we will have our final episode of “Season 7.” It’s our roundtable discussion that looks at some our favorite stories– and yours– from the past year.

It’s hard to pick just a few. We travelled from Israel to Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Arctic for stories that are important to Americans but that other news outlets are not paying much attention to.

And, as always, we travelled extensively in the mainland US to provide fair coverage on hot button topics like reparations payments for blacks, Critical Race Theory, illegal immigration and America’s crime surge.

When it comes to Covid, our original reporting shed light on many controversies. With the help of medical examiners who blew the whistle, we exposed a dramatic overcounting of Covid deaths, including officials who insisted on calling a murder-suicide “Covid deaths”, as well as people who– when checked– weren’t dead of Covid. In fact, they weren’t dead at all!

One of our most popular features was my visit to Amish country in Pennsylvania where they decided to face Covid head on: No shutting down of schools, church or work. No masks or vaccines. No hospitals. No testing. The results were nothing short of amazing. That story surprised me by receiving millions of views after it aired on our unpublicized YouTube channel. (Watch it here if you missed it.)

We’ll also have a few behind-the-scenes insights from correspondents Scott Thuman and Lisa Fletcher.

And I’m happy to announce Full Measure will be back for Season 8 in September. That means I’ll be heading out soon to travel the country and world, researching and developing new stories for our eighth year.

While I’m doing that this summer, we’ll be airing some of our best episodes from Season 7 in our regular space on TV. Tell your friends! And thank you for your support. I know you appreciate original, off-narrative reporting that doesn’t force a single viewpoint down your throat.

How to watch is below.

We never waste your time rehashing the same news you’ve heard all week. Find out where and when to watch on TV or online by clicking this link: How to Watch Full Measure

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5 thoughts on “Full Measure: A Landmark Season in Review”

  1. Thank you , Sharyl, for your courage news coverage, and wishing you the best during your travel.

    The hyperlinks in the above article direct me to YouTube sites. I am afraid, I DO NOT click on any YouTube offers. YouTube, and Google track you following their globalist, Marxist agenda. With so many new alternatives , I find no compelling reason whatsoever to use YouTube, Google, Amazon, or Face Book; if some information is uniquely and exclusively presented on these venues, then I know for sure that this information is propagandized and therefore I do not expose myself to it. I believe that we all should work on migrating away from these Marxist tools so they may wither and die, so that we may restore our freedom!

  2. You did a Good job Sharyl ? ” I’ll contact Britain and the Queen of England and have Her send you one of the Queen’s Fashion trade mark Hat’s, holding up a Guinness Beer with a raised Eyebrow and a Mousey smirk on your face ? on the Front cover of TIME Magazine ?= “Quality good reporting job there Governor ! ‘Ha! Ha!! Ha,! just don’t tell the House of Common’s you got one of the Queen’s trade mark Hat’s ?

  3. You are a biased reporter. Its not joe biden who caused the border crisis but congresses refusal to do anything except fund raise. The immigrants desantis flew were legally here with political asylum.
    You divide with your bias. Will no longer watch ylur extremely biased dividing show.
    There are times when you just lie out right.
    We are tired of it.

  4. I love your show watch it every Sunday finally a journalist that tells the truth. I would love to see you investigate what our government is doing with all the unaccompanied minors. I watched a video on project veritas which was supposedly a whistleblower. She talked about these children being placed in unsafe conditions and made it sound like they are being used in the sex trafficking to pay off their debt. Not sure how legitimate this website is but I do trust you.

  5. Robert McCrillis

    Good evening Sharyl. My name is Robert McCrillis and am one of over 400+ individuals and community members of the small communities of the city of Weed and Lake Shastina, CA. who are frustrated victims of the Mill Fire. The Mill Fire was undeniably started by Roseburg Lumber Company a very large US CORPORATION. Our citizens have been devastated by this horrible and dangerous wildfire covering approximately 8 square miles. I’ve been watching and enjoying your journalism exposing truths that our small communities duly deserve. I’m certain that if you would look into this wildfire, you will find that our citizens are being sold a bill of goods concerning toxic chemicals, unethical law practices, and unfair practices relating directly to Roseburg Lumber Company’s gross negligence in how and where they stored hot ash from their Weed Lumber Mill. There are many former employees/workers at the mill that knew exactly the imminent danger their out of date facility posed to the surrounding communities and other communities over 8 miles away including businesses, large cattle ranches, and schools. My fellow community members all feel we have been lied to and offered minimal compensation and/or trauma counseling.

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