Johnny Depp’s Victory: A Turning Point in the Weaponization of #MeToo (Podcast)

For those who dismissed the defamation suit by Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard as a Hollywood scandal, here’s why his court victory is a seminal moment that turns the managed information landscape on its head and defies the weaponization of the “Me Too” movement.

Listen here.

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1 thought on “Johnny Depp’s Victory: A Turning Point in the Weaponization of #MeToo (Podcast)”

  1. Going too far is the American way. It leaves most Americans not totally satisfied and the rest of the world thinking Americans are crazy. Our government almost always overreacts with knee jerk responses instead of sensible, known to work solutions.
    The best congresses have been where few laws were passed,but with due deliberation and consideration of the American people. Corporation are also examples of this.They often respond to a small minority attacking their management in various ways and implement business killing fascia,

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