Lawsuit Over Border Patrol Agents Falsely Accused of ‘Whipping’ Illegal Immigrants (Podcast)

The National Police Association is fighting on behalf of the Border Patrol agents who were famously and falsely accused by President Biden and many others of whipping illegal immigrants who were trying to enter the US from Mexico.

Listen here.

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5 thoughts on “Lawsuit Over Border Patrol Agents Falsely Accused of ‘Whipping’ Illegal Immigrants (Podcast)”

  1. Would be nice if this suit turned into similar cases as Rittenhouse’s and Sandmann’s cases. There needs to be some pain felt.

  2. Sharyl, Sharyl’s readers:
    I am placing this comment here since the story is about immigration/the border, though it is not related to the lawsuit. Seems like it’s something to investigate, and I will report back with more news as I get it.
    Just got off the phone with a friend who lives “up north” in a rural wooded area of Michigan. He had gone to the Dollar Store in the nearest “big” town,” Gaylord, and noticed a group of about 30 people, most appeared to be families with young children, sitting on a blanket. He walked over to talk to them and see what was going on, and spoke to a young man, about 25, who was there with his wife and four children. They had been dropped off by bus the night before in front of the store, after crossing the Mexican border in California some time before. (The man showed my friend the ticket he was given during processing.) The driver simply told them good luck and had them get off the bus. “A big white bus?” my friend asked. Yes, it was a big white bus.

    How did he know? Because the week before, he was at a shopping center in Mio, Michigan, where he’d seen a smaller group of people, and a young man with a backpack who looked lost, so he went over to ask if the man needed help. The man explained that he had recently come over through Mexico and ridden on a big white bus, which had dropped him and his companions in the parking lot in front of Lowe’s/Walmart.

    My friend said some people were coming over to bring food to the people sitting on blankets. But there is clearly no plan for them, and no one in town was alerted to their ensuing arrival.

    This makes me wonder: is this happening in other parts of the country, in out of the way places?

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