(POLL) Belief in God hits all-time low

The following is an excerpt from Gallup News.

The vast majority of U.S. adults believe in God, but the 81% who do so is down six percentage points from 2017 and is the lowest in Gallup’s trend. Between 1944 and 2011, more than 90% of Americans believed in God.

Gallup’s May 2-22 Values and Beliefs poll finds 17% of Americans saying they do not believe in God.

Gallup has also in recent years asked other questions aimed at measuring belief in God or a higher power. All find the vast majority of Americans saying they believe; when given the option, 5% to 10% have said they were “unsure.”

Belief in God has fallen the most in recent years among young adults and people on the left of the political spectrum (liberals and Democrats). These groups show drops of 10 or more percentage points comparing the 2022 figures to an average of the 2013-2017 polls.

The groups with the largest declines are also the groups that are currently least likely to believe in God, including liberals (62%), young adults (68%) and Democrats (72%).

Belief in God is highest among political conservatives (94%) and Republicans (92%), reflecting that religiosity is a major determinant of political divisions in the U.S.

About half of those who believe in God — equal to 42% of all Americans — say God hears prayers and can intervene on a person’s behalf. Meanwhile, 28% of all Americans say God hears prayers but cannot intervene, while 11% think God does neither.

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7 thoughts on “(POLL) Belief in God hits all-time low”

    1. Lon Spector–“Materialism”–yes. That’s part of the agenda in order to separate us from God-consciousness. Edward Bernays(godfather of propaganda/advertising) and Tavistock Institute are part of the social engineering scheme.

  1. I am not surprised given American society is going down the toilet. Lefturds worship themselves and where they reign, hell prevails. Look at our major cities, Hollyweird, DC. And what culture dominates these sites? What do Lefturds offer but envy, greed, hatred, depravity? What do they celebrate-abortion, race hatred, gender confusion, grooming.

    No wonder they don’t believe in God or are good Catholics like Pelosi and Biden or even the Pope.

  2. GEORGE fate Eady

    yes the numbers of them that believe in god and crist is at all time low .with the murdering of million of unborn babys had a lot to do with that .when life has no value. then they cant see the lord that made all life.man time is on its way out

  3. It would be most interesting to conduct a poll and ask the question: Do you believe Satan exists? ….Do you believe in demonic possession?…do you believe in mental illness?

  4. As more and more reject the belief of a God it explains the moral decline of a once proud nation. Per bible prophecy’s it will not reverse.

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