Pro-Choice Advocate: ‘President Biden Can Act on Abortion, After All’ (PODCAST)

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision returning abortion decisions to each state, President Biden has said there’s not much he can do. But Professor Lawrence Gostin disagrees.

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3 thoughts on “Pro-Choice Advocate: ‘President Biden Can Act on Abortion, After All’ (PODCAST)”

  1. This article? I’d rather not comment on this abortion issue’s, I think we America should be more focused on all the people that has lost there lives to this Virus and all these Wars since 9-11, as well as all the Drug deaths and all the Economic inflation that other Bad people in the World caused ? Rather then a political cartoon depicting a talking Vaginia with two eyes and legs and arms testifying to the Court’s shouting ” If I was a Gun I’d Have more Rights ??? ( ” What would Ann Landers say to it all ? )

    1. I AGREE, why talk about the 60 million or so who have been aborted since roe/wade.
      Inflation is far more important.

  2. Wanton secular humanism…greed, averaice… it’s all ok…just a night on the town…I’5 ok… you’re ok…just a few zygotes…a few pills…
    And what’s next…gender specific pills…for brown haired babies with green eyes…So. Sad…

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