(REPORT) Florida grocery chain takes a pass on offering Covid vaccine to babies

Publix grocery stores are reportedly not going to push or even offer Covid-19 vaccines for toddlers or babies.

The federal government’s decision to clear the vaccines for emergency use in children has been met with criticism from many scientists who say the young–who stand almost zero chance of serious illness from Covid but may suffer vaccine side effects–do not need the shots. Further, CDC acknowledges the shots do not prevent infection or transmission as originally claimed.

However, federal health officials claim the vaccines have proven to be safe, effective, and life-saving even for babies.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Publix officials announced they would not be offering Covid-19 vaccines to children “at this time.”

According to Medpage: “Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo has recommended against vaccinating healthy children, despite U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines that recommend the vaccines for everyone 6 months and older.”

Read more in Medpage at the link below.


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5 thoughts on “(REPORT) Florida grocery chain takes a pass on offering Covid vaccine to babies”

  1. “At this time” means they’re not going to do it now, but maybe later on. Whatever. Each their own. If I was of child bearing age, I would probably discuss with my child’s pediatrician whether she/he should get vaccinated and then when. Always check with your doctor to see whether or not a vaccine would be of benefit to you or harm you.

  2. You can look at this three ways:
    1- Is it bad for business to have crying children in your store getting a shot?
    2- Having donated to DeSantis’ campaign, should you go counter to his wishes?
    3- The shot doesn’t prevent getting covid or its variants so why do it?

    Can we think of any others?

    1. 4 – what in the world gave grocery stores the right to provide a medical intervention?
      5 – can grocery stores provide informed consent?

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