UK theatre chain pulls movie after Muslims protest

The following is an excerpt from Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) News.

Once again, Muslim mobs in the United Kingdom have been offended by a piece of art, and have intimidated the theater chain Cineworld enough to stop screening the £12 million film, “The Lady of Heaven.”

The Western media has not yet grasped the full extent of who the main actors are behind forcing Cineworld to capitulate to whims of angry Muslim mobs.

In particular, Iran’s role in organizing and being behind the intimidating pickets outside the cinemas is completely missed.

“The Lady of Heaven” is not some Western blasphemous movie against Islam. It tells the story of Fatima, the daughter of the prophet, according to the standard Shia narrative, as a virtuous daughter, a mother and a role model for women today.

The movie presents the Shia narrative of Islam, which prompted angry Sunnis to call it a false, blasphemous account of history.

Iran’s ruling mullahs also are upset, even though it uses the exact narrative that Iran teaches every day in its schools, on state TV, and wherever it can to export Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution.

What is troublesome for Iran however, is that Yasser Habib, the Shia scholar who wrote the script, is a disciple of Ayatollah Mohammed Ridha al-Shirazi who opposes the regime in Iran.

The Shirazis’ rejection of Shia clerics ruling Iran, and their call for the clerics to return to their more traditional role as faith leaders, is perceived by the Iranian regime as a direct threat to their rule.

Hence the regime in Iran has been actively opposing the movie ever since it started production. (Continued…)

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