Concerning spikes in another autoimmune disorder: Lupus

Many autoimmune disorders have been on the rise in the US in the past 2 decades, particularly among children. This includes diabetes and juvenile diabetes, POTS, Lupus, MS, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, Eczema, other skin rashes, allergies, and more.

Scientific studies link immune disorders and autism to various vaccinations, as well as other environmental exposures. The number of routine childhood vaccines more than tripled in the time frame when the concerning spikes in these immune disorders began to occur. Researchers say genetic predispositions combined with an environmental “trigger” causes the autoimmune response in some people. The CDC has acknowledged that vaccination could trigger autism in some susceptible children. Autism is a form of brain injury. A former top government expert on the topic has testified that the government covered up this known link for years, and misrepresented his scientific findings in court.

Despite the peer reviewed, published research, pharmaceutical interests typically say that there is no proof that vaccines cause autism or immune disorders. While there is no dispute that vaccines can cause brain injuries and, occasionally, death in children, vaccine interests deny that they could be causing the form of brain injury that scientists group together under the category of “autism.”

The following is an excerpt from Medscape regarding incidence of Lupus.

Incidence rates for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) almost doubled in Olmsted County, Minnesota, from 1976 to 2018, according to a new study, with the investigators suggesting that the area’s changing demographics “at least partially explained” the trend.

From 1976 to 1988, the age-adjusted annual incidence of SLE stood at 3.32 per 100,000 population, reported Alí Duarte-Garcia, MD, of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and colleagues in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. The rate then increased in successive periods, hitting 6.44 per 100,000 by 2009-2018.

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15 thoughts on “Concerning spikes in another autoimmune disorder: Lupus”

  1. This article, there are many Drugs with side effects warnings , especially if you don’t know you already have Genetic autoimmune response problems..When I was doing New chemical research into new medicines in the past With acids and chemicals . I discovered a whole new Genetic Formula Autoimmune chemistry Treatments. But with most people not even wanting to get the Covid vaccines this New autoimmune repairs in medicine most people would say it goes to far. In changing strong Bond stranding in cellular activity in editing Genetic repaires. I do not want the drug companies having my work for free, I want big money for those new drugs and TechnologiesI filed with the Federal Trade Commission report after finding out these Big tech companies been collecting user activity on devices..The future in medicine is up in the air ? Example ? Do I want them to edit my Genetic activities to repair my autoimmune diseases or do I want to just live with it ?

    1. Why would ANYBODY believe a word of what is claimed by any drug company, geneticist, immunologist, or any high level scientist. You cannot show me a single one that is not involved in the honey-pot. Like televangelists, they must all be considered complete charlatans until proven otherwise. Don’t preach to me about things that are invisible to the average person. Many of us are sick, and all are less healthy from being force fed their snake oil. Keep moving.

    2. The current people in the medical industry are going to have to be replaced with the responsible type of doctors. Stop buying Big Pharma bio weapons. It all needs to be replaced somehow. It will take time to find new cures and treatments but mRNA is the New World Order threat and needs to be rejected. But these evil doctors and scientists must go.

  2. Dr. Joseph Mercola recommends intermittent fasting as the first line of defense in mitigating the effects of spike proteins whether in the jabs or the virus. I had a lingering cough for months after having covid and fasting has diminished the cough tremendously.
    I’m unjabbed and keep myself informed.

  3. Lupus is characterized by, and can be induced by, antibodies to nucleic acids (DNA and RNA, and the difference is so small, rarely does an antibody to one not recognize the other). So it was my biggest fear from the outset, that Lupus would be induced by immunizing people with copious quantities of RNA. Complicating the matter is that Lupus masquerades as other diseases, so it’s difficult to diagnose. By the time it’s linked to mRNA vaccines, 5-10 years will have elapsed.

    1. “By the time it’s linked to mRNA vaccines, 5-10 years will have elapsed.”
      And god knows how many mRNA “vaccines” will be in use by that time.

      Fact: Pfizer and Moderna referred to their products as “gene therapies” in their SEC filings concerning their “vaccines.”

      There’s a lawsuit in the US claiming the CDC and FDA intentionally mislabeled these products as “vaccines” in order to avoid the tougher regulatory requirements for the testing and approval of gene therapies, and that their current usage is illegal for not having followed the approval route appropriate for such biologics.

  4. Is there a link to what the former top government expert testified that autism was a brain injury? Congressional Record? Date?

    1. HCQ is treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. The trade name is Plaquenil. My SIL takes that and has for years. Perfectly healthy female who exercises and eats well.

  5. Heh I have a good idea, Let’s try to link all the old vaccines to current day health problems, so that when the Tidal wave of catastrophic health events from the Covid Vaccines come crashing ashore….there will be some cover to those that perpetrated this human tragedy- by articles such as this one…..that will sufficiently muddy the waters for those that barely pay attention anyway.

  6. you are what you eat. don’t listen to their science. they don’t know their arse from third base. that’s why they’re in politics

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