New Omicron subvariant now a majority of US Covid cases; may be ‘more virulent’

The following is an excerpt from The Hill via Yahoo! News.

A new omicron subvariant known as BA.5 now comprises a majority of U.S. Covid-19 cases, according to data released Tuesday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The data is a sign of the rise of the highly transmissible subvariant, which has prompted concern about a new increase in cases.

BA.5, along with a related subvariant known as BA.4, has mutations that have shown an increased ability to evade the protection from vaccines and previous infection.

BA.5 now makes up 53.6 percent of U.S. cases, according to the CDC, and BA.4 makes up another 16.5 percent, putting the two together at around 70 percent of infections.

“Omicron subvariants BA.4 & BA.5 are even more mutated than the original Omicron, which means that our immune systems are having a harder time recognizing these new subvariants, regardless of whether we’ve previously been vaccinated or infected,” tweeted Celine Gounder, an infectious disease expert at New York University. “We are also seeing early hints that Omicron subvariants BA.4 & BA.5 may be more virulent (causing more severe disease) than the original Omicron.”

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16 thoughts on “New Omicron subvariant now a majority of US Covid cases; may be ‘more virulent’”

  1. “Omicron subvariants BA.4 & BA.5 are even more mutated than the original Omicron, which means that our immune systems are having a harder time recognizing these new subvariants, regardless of whether we’ve previously been vaccinated or infected,” Interesting.. The writer of the Yahoo article ends up saying “get your shots.. the shots. don’t work.. ” self defeating logic.

  2. Why not? More efficent forms of genocide will be helpful.
    You have to wipe out the existing surplus population to make way
    for Global Elietist FUN!

  3. I caught Omicron and tested positive on June 3rd. It is like a very mild cold except for the initial bad headache. I had night sweats and felt under-the-weather for 48 hours. Then, the worst was over and it just worked its way through my system. I have never received a vaccination for any Covid variation. I am over 65 and have asthma along with a host of allergies to almost every medication and vaccination as well as pollen /dust/cat dander. I have been hospitalized for vaccine related issues and/or various medications coming close to death in one instance when my organs began shutting down and my throat closing. I fear the vaccine more than the disease. My doctor’s office called and told me that my natural immunity will protect me on all variants of Omicron much better than the vaccine. Well…of course….the vaccines failed in protection

  4. You’re kidding, right? Yahoo News as trusted science? And a Tweet from an “expert” who is clearly promoting jabs as authoritarian with no peer-reviewed, clinical scientific evidence; just a preprint from conflict-of- interest researchers? Critical thinking exposes the true nature of this article….Look at the scientific evidence by scientists; not by news media…Dr. Been has YouTube videos that explain the science; as well as many other critically thinking qualified individuals who are reporting facts…really need to re-think this article after exploring the scientific arguments vs. taking one persons’ word for it (authoritatively calling them an expert) , if you are truly interested in Independent Journalism.

  5. Life is too short for the working class to follow sources that have misrepresented the truth.

    What is real and what is contrived?

    The unelected bureaucrats have not served it’s citizens with “all” the information.

  6. I’m 59 and I (blessedly) have been sick twice in my adulthood, once with walking-pneumonia (my immunity was very low due to a 60 hour a week restaurant position) and Omicron in December (72 hours of night sweats and a very bad cough for three weeks). My wife had it and facing her every night in bed probably did the trick. I have taken the flu shot probably 4 times over the last 10 years (last was 2018) and no longer will. I am, and will remain, unvaccinated. Vitamin D, C, Magnesium, and NAC is my best protection.

  7. Data from countries such as the UK, South Africa and Portugal, where the two variants referred to have been dominant for some time, indicate that while they are clearly even more contagious than previous strains, they are no more virulent in terms of rates of serious illness, hospitalisations and death.
    Any member of the public who doubts this can check this fact for themselves, using on any one of a number of freely accessible COVID data tracker websites. So, of course, can medical “experts” and journalists – including those who colluded to produce this latest unwarranted and irresponsible example of media fear-mongering.

    1. Everyone is watching the virulent nature of covid. Unfortunately, it’s coming to light that as (or more) important is the cumulative effect that reinfections have on the
      immune system. When subvariant Ba2.75 named CENTAURUS hits (9 times as infectious as Ba5) it will mean people will have had 4 or more infections over just a
      few months. Their compromised immune systems won’t be able to handle the
      normal winter virus season. Many cases of pneumonia are predicted this winter.

  8. Stephen Triesch

    “more virulent”

    Not according to a recent (July 7th) story in Business Insider, which quoted several experts. Typical symptoms include runny nose, sneezing, and a sore throat. Fever is reported less frequently than with earlier variants, and BA5 does not normally appear to attack the lungs, which is where the serious complications arise.

  9. Also quercetin, zinc, lactoferrin. Been taking all the ones in the above posting plus these Since March 2020 and refused the vaccine. Still haven’t had the virus as yet.

  10. We got covid at my house and treated with elderberry concentrate, zinc, and Fortaro.

    I got a lowgrade fever, unlike the first time where I only had a mild, occasional cough, along with bodyaches. Others in my household got a severe headache and higher fever.

    We all cleared the fever and aches in 48 hours.

    Then we had dizziness and fatigue until we had dealt with hypoglycemia and dehydration. Carbs and water.

  11. I have had Covid twice and was able to get rid of it in one day.

    (Povidone-iodine) or simply betadine, destroys viruses on contact.

    When a respiratory virus gets into your system, you have a window between 12-24 hours before the virus goes internal. You will know that you’ve become infected almost immediately, so this is what you can do:

    1 teaspoon of betadine in 8 ounces of purified water or saline mix and then use a netipot to flush you nasal cavity, then gargle with the rest.

    It works brilliantly. Best thing is; your respiratory immune system develops antibodies and you’re immune from that version thereafter.

    The immune system that governs your respiratory system is in no way connected to your internal immune system! This is why an injected vaccine, even if it was a legitimate vaccine, (which the current shots are not) could never work because injections only work where blood vessels have access to.

    Its actually impossible for an injected vaccine to stimulate an immunity with the respiratory immune system. There has never been a successful vaccine created for airborne viruses in human history. The immune system that governs the respiratory immune system is extremely complex and although we are close to creating an actual vaccine, we may be decades away from actually creating the first vaccine designed specifically for the respiratory system. Only an inhaler or nasal spray can trigger the correct area to stimulate the respiratory system to create an immunity. More research is necessary to be able to activate the immune system correctly though.

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