(POLL) Most say Antifa violence was ‘worse than Jan. 6 Capitol riots’

Most people say the Jan. 6 Capitol “riots” were “not as bad as” Antifa violence.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 1,784 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Ninety percent (90%) said the Capitol incident was not as bad as Antifa violence while 7% said it was worse.

One person died at the Capitol riots: an unarmed protester shot and killed by a Capitol police lieutenant, who was not charged in the death.

In summer of 2020 alone, numerous police were injured and shot at Antifa riots and demonstrations; thousands of businesses were burned or looted; a police precinct was taken over and burned; a federal courthouse was taken over and an independent Antifa city established there with outsiders forcefully kept out and sometimes attacked; and hundreds of innocent citizens were reported to have been injured or killed while trying to protect property or moving through riot-torn areas.

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

Jan. 6 Capitol ‘riots’ were ____ Antifa violence

7% Worse than

90% Not as bad as

3% The same

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19 thoughts on “(POLL) Most say Antifa violence was ‘worse than Jan. 6 Capitol riots’”

  1. The Jan 6th rioters were not ever as bad as Antifa rioters are/were. Biuldings were burned &
    the Biden Idiots DID NOTHING and are still bashing President Trump!
    President is coming back in 2024!

  2. Moreover, there has been little prosecution of antifa, or the others damaging property,attacking cops and claiming public property as theirs ,all over the coiuntry.
    Concerning Jan sixth;If the whole truth were released people would be seeing Jan 6th in a much different light. I dropped facebook and twitter much more than a year ago over their censoship of conservatives.

    1. Stephen Triesch

      I have a very clear memory of reading a story sometime last year in the left-wing British newspaper, The Guardian, saying that the final case against the 210 (or so) people arrested for rioting during the Trump inauguration had been resolved, and that NO ONE was convicted of ANYTHING. The vast majority had their charges dropped, and the few who went to trial were acquitted by friendly DC juries.

      When our nation’s Capital is the site of such blatant double standards in the application of the law, this country is in serious jeopardy. With this kind of blatant injustice, along with the un-American show trial that the January 6th Committee is conducting, the government actually seems to be deliberately stoking the kind of extremism that they are warning us about.

  3. Well 10% of those who answered the survey were ignorant to the facts or prefer ideology over facts. For any person who was abreast of all the news, the damage and killings/injuries caused by Antifa and other violent groups was so MUCH greater than Jan. 6 (one day) riot. I recall that just in Portland, Oregon alone, riots went on for months where “peaceful” protesters literally battled with federal agents at the federal courthouse. In addition, there were battles with the police, which went on for hours each night. To describe the amount of chaos and disorder during those months would fill several books. Let me stress once more…this was just ONE city!!

    1. Stephen Triesch

      In recent years, 95% (or more) of the political violence in this country has come from the left, yet we have been gaslighted by our government and the media that the most serious threat – by far – comes from the political right.

      I think there is more to this than “mere” dishonesty or hypocrisy. I think that in employing such blatant double-standards in the enforcement of the law (e.g., BLM rioters vs. January 6th rioters), along with adopting radical policies like open borders, LGBTQ+ indoctrination in the elementary schools and military, divisive CRT training, vaccine mandates, subverting election integrity, the government is actually trying to trigger the violent right-wing reaction it has been warning us about.

      People can take only so much lying and deception, and when they see the country being systematically dismantled and subverted, someone is bound to strike back. The government knows this, and they are eagerly waiting for it. It is one of their fondest dreams, the answer to their self-fulfilling prophecy. of “domestic terrorism.”

      This country is being run by evil, ruthless, entitled, mendacious people, and we all know their names.

  4. Stephen Triesch

    Sometime in late summer or early fall 2020, I took some notes from a news release issued by a national police organization summarizing the carnage of the BLM rioting as of July 31st of that year. I still have the notes, and here are some of the findings:

    2,385 businesses looted
    624 acts of arson (including 97 police cars)
    2,037 officers injured

    56% of responding agencies reported arson, 62% reported looting, 72% reported injured officers, and 26% reported police cars destroyed by arson,

    Regarding weapons recovered from demonstrators, 51% of agencies reported firearms, 78% reported rocks and bricks, 75% reported bottles, 63% reported fireworks, 59% reported poles, rods, and bats, and 46% reported incendiary devices.

    From other sources I have heard estimates of between one and two billion dollars in property damages.

    By any objective analysis, the “mostly peaceful,” nationwide BLM riots were far more destructive than the one-off riot of January 6th. (And the report I cited was an interim report; the BLM rioting went on for weeks after it was issued.)

  5. The breach of the Capitol on January 6th was NOTHING compared to the riots in Portland and Seattle. The BLM rioters have not been chastised in the media or arrested, or prosecuted and no hearings! They have done their violence with impunity! The “sham” January 6th “Select Committee” Hearings are nothing more than the continuation of the Left’s outrage that our 45th President was Donald J. Trump, instead of Hillary Clinton. It went on for the entire 4 years of his presidency and it is still going on. The Left can’t stand the fact that he won and they will stop at NOTHING until there is NO CHANCE he will ever run again. The hearings are being conducted by those who hate Trump and instead of really trying to find the truth about what really happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6, they are pushing their own agenda and narrative. I am ashamed that so many people have fallen for their charade, but most of all I am ashamed that our mainstream media is complicit in it.

  6. I agree that the 10% are I’ll-informed. There is absolutely no comparison between the two events, and the more information that comes out, the more it looks like government agents were on the ground trying to incite the January 6 crowd to violence. Furthermore, multiple accounts from people there testify to Capitol police actions of firing rubber bullets and gassing crowds of peaceful people that included women, children, and the elderly. Nancy Pelosi is directly responsible for turning down the National Guard troops Trump offered beforehand, and the Capitol police force was reportedly under staffed on the day.

    And no one involved in the Antifa riots of 2020 suffered an early morning raid by a SWAT team or sat in jail in horrid conditions for a year or more without a trial.

  7. GEORGE fate Eady


  8. While many of the summer of 2020 rioting was worse, and stats indicate more tied to BLM than Antifa, it wasn’t an attempt to overthrow the government as January 6 was. And remember Trump was the president at the time but they were local matters, no?
    Today we see demonstrations in support of abortion in cities that will maintain their pro-abortion position and yet property damaging riots did occur, why? Because there are folks who use any excuse to riot!!
    The antifa ideology calls for hijacking any movement to “burn the man”! It is unfortunate as they are anti-fascist. They view those in power now are fascists and need to be pushed out of power by any means. In the US, we only give our attention to a movement when they damage private property.
    But also, rioters use any excuse to burn and damage property and the police are caught in the middle and back then, maybe now, with their hands tied!

    1. Stephen Triesch

      January 6th was NOT an attempt to “overthrow the US government.” Maybe 30 or 40 people in a crowd of 100,000-200,000 might have had some vague idea of keeping Trump in power through some show of force, but they would have had no support from the vast majority of the crowd, nor did they have any coherent plan to stage any kind of a coup.. We saw how the crowd pushed back against Ray Epps the day before when he was encouraging people to breach the Capitol. People were not shouting, “Right on!,” but “Fed! Fed!”

      And we still don’t know the extent of government infiltration and provocation. We still don’t know the role of Antifa infiltrators. We still don’t know why Ray Epps and other key provocateurs have not been arrested. We still don’t know why security was so lax. We still haven’t had much of what we’ve seen on film explained. (Just the other day I saw a five-minute video from one of the upper terraces of the Capitol. The door was completely unguarded, and both “demonstrators” and police were walking in and out as if nothing was particularly out of order. They almost seemed to have a common purpose. Why was the door unguarded? Why were people being let in? Who WERE those people? Why were police acting so casual? The J6 Committee doesn’t want to know, or you and I to know.)

      Most of the people who fought with police during the original breach seemed to melt away after the breach occurred. Most of the people who eventually went inside the Capitol – 99.9% of them – just stood around, talked with fellow Trump supporters, took a few pictures, and left. There was no frenetic search for congresspeople, no issuing of demands, no plan of action, no hierarchy of command, and no display of weapons. This was an “insurrection”? An insurrection that didn’t fire a shot?

      Even Antler Man, and his buddies – portrayed in the media as symbolic leaders of the insurrection – just wandered into the Senate chamber, chatted with police, gawked like tourists, and peacefully left. There was the handful of people photographed in Pelosi’s office, grinning like naughty schoolboys who’d broken into the principal’s office. There was very little damage inside the Capitol beside a couple of broken windows and doors perpetrated by a tiny group. There was none of the wanton destruction that we saw over and over at BLM riots – no arson, no smashing of statues and paintings, no widespread looting, and little or no graffiti.

  9. Not only that but after watching 2000 Mules, the repeated ballot stuffing at the ZuckBuck Boxes was in some cases ,done by those who also were part of Antifa riots…all caught through cellphone data night after night. The election was stolen in 2020 and 2000 Mules proved it. Antifa members were some of the mules….although they were not the large majority of them.

    If Democrats didn’t have double standards they would have no standards. Meanwhile…”Rome is burning” while they continue their campaign of hatred against Trump and all who voted for him.

  10. I’m still not convinced that so-called “rioters” comprised the majority of Rally attendees. Any adult who is gullible to the degree that accepting the 2020 election results is unquestionable is truly living in a denial bubble. When The People cannot demand election audits- there is no point in having elections!
    For all the ballyhoo re “democracy” that the DEMS love to trumpet- as if it is only they who believe in America-the hypocrisy should be of great concern if we are to embrace morality.

    1. Stephen Triesch

      The number of people who initially fought with police was probably in the range of 40-80. After tear gas and flash bangs were fired, angering the crowd, maybe another 100-200 joined in. The percent of people who attended the rally and later committed any violence at all was probably .25% or less. (That’s not 25%, but one-fourth of ONE percent.) In fact, some of the people who engaged in violence may not have attended the rally at all.

  11. Without a definition of “worse”, it’s hard to say how to vote. If “worse” referred to property damage, clearly the riots were “worse”. But in terms of damage to this country and its institutions, it is beyond dispute which is “worse” – Jan 6. And here is why:
    1) We have had riots from time to time since I’ve been alive. And we likely will have more in the future. It’s not excusable, but it will happen. We have never had a Jan 6 before (and I hope we never have another one).
    2) The 2020 riots are over and done with. The fallout from Jan 6 continues. And, no, it’s not the Jan 6 commission. It’s the laughably false story of election fraud that so many people continue to spout. That hasn’t really diminished much despite the complete and total lack of evidence.
    To those who continue to blame Biden for the 2020 riots: If only I could remember who was actually President then. And if I could only remember who didn’t condemn the rioters on Jan 6.
    To those who claim that there were only a few rioters among the mob on Jan 6 and that they weren’t really trying to overthrow the government: What exactly were they doing then? They could have stayed outside and protested all they wanted to. But the only purpose in going into the Capitol was to stop the counting of the electoral votes. And now we know from the Eastman memo what Trump’s purpose was (to have Pence stop the count, throw it back to the states or the House of Representatives, and let Trump remain in power even though he clearly and indisputably lost the election). And we know from Trump’s tweets that he was urging Pence to not count the electoral votes from some states that Trump lost (How convenient is that? Count the states you won, but don’t count some of the states you lost). How is that not trying to overthrow the government?
    By refusing to follow the law and participate in the peaceful transition of power, Trump (and all those who backed him, including those who invaded the Capitol) were engaging in treasonous activity. Many have only been charged with trespassing or some similar lesser offense, but I always assumed that was because they were viewed as innocent dupes and didn’t really do any damage inside.
    And what would a story about election fraud be without a mention of “2000 Mules”? I have thought about how to characterize this movie, and here is what I have come up with:
    Suppose you were a juror, and the prosecution presented this closing argument:
    “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we know that the defendant has been accused of committing a crime. And we have heard testimony that the crime occurred in that building. We have also established beyond a shadow of a doubt that the accused walked by that building many, many times in the days preceding the crime. Now the defense will try to distract you by pointing out that we haven’t established that the accused actually went into the building. Nor have we established that the accused had any connection to the events surrounding the alleged crime. Nor have we even established that a crime was committed. And I will admit that that is all true. But isn’t it really, really suspicious that the accused happened to walk by the very building where the alleged crime was committed so many times. And they will try to have us believe that was because he happened to work in the area. Who is going to believe that crazy story?”
    Would you convict someone based on this “evidence”? I sure hope not.
    As silly as the foregoing sounds, that sums up “2000 Mules” pretty well. A bunch of people walked by drop boxes, but we don’t know if they actually walked up to those boxes or not. Nor is there any evidence that any crime was actually committed.
    If “2000 Mules” were a recipe, it would look like this: Start with a generous helping of preconceived notions, stir in some random factoids, add several dashes of innuendo, remove any leftover evidence, and simmer in a rich broth of confirmation bias. Voila – a heaping dish of voter fraud.
    As always, if anyone feels this is too harsh, point out where I am wrong. Did Trump conspire with Eastman and others to try to keep himself in power (Yes)? Was he told ad infinitum that the election was legitimate and he had lost (Yes)? Was Trump responsible for what happened on Jan 6 (Yes) (or another way to ask that question is does anyone think that Jan 6 would have happened absent Trump’s encouragement and endorsement) (No)? With Trump’s encouragement, were the rioters not attempting to stop the peaceful transition of power (Yes)? Has any other President ever attempted anything as remotely undemocratic as this? (Yes, yes, yes)

    1. Stephen Triesch

      The January 6th “insurrectionists” didn’t fire a shot, made no demands, had no organization, no leadership structure, and it was all over in a matter of hours. Our government or “democracy” did not come anywhere near to being toppled. Do not try to conflate the rioting with Trump’s efforts to use various legal strategies to challenge the election, some of which have been used by Democrats to challenge Republican victories on recent elections.

      For decades I have watched as leftist protestors have shut down government hearings, legislative sessions, freeways, shouted down conservative speakers. I believe it was in 2011 that leftist mobs occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol – shutting down the government – for weeks. I doubt any of those people were ever subjected to pre-dawn raids by the FBI. Back in the 60s and 70s, they went on a nationwide rampage of violence, include numerous bombings. When leftist mobs were toppling statues, Nancy Pelosi flippantly replied, “People will do what they do.” Chris Cuomo said, “Where is it written that protests need to be peaceful?” Kamala Harris helped raise bail money for the rioters.

      In 2020, BLM supporters in Seattle occupied several square blocks and declared it an “autonomous zone” (CHAZ) independent of ALL constituted authority. The local police precinct was abandoned. Doesn’t that sound like sedition? Well, the bobble-headed mayor said it might be the prelude to a “Summer of Love,” and police were told to stand down. The city brought in free portable toilets and barricades. FBI SWAT teams were nowhere to be seen. Local media wrote puff-pieces about it. It was allowed to stand for several weeks until several serious crimes in the area forced the mayor to shut it down. I doubt that any of the organizers were ever prosecuted for ANYTHING.

      For a full account of the shenanigans that went on during the 2020 election, read Molly Hemmingway’s book. And “2000 Mules” was far more cogent that you are willing to admit. You were probably much more comfortable with Hillary Clinton’s totally unsupported claims that Trump stole the 2016 election, or Biden’s claim that Trump was an “illegitimate” president. You people don’t even bother to offer any evidence, you just lie.

      You reveal yourself to be a typical leftist: pampered, smug, dishonest, and insistent that the law be applied differently based on political allegiance. You are a threat to the rule of law,

      1. Thanks for the response.
        You have made valid points about riots that happened in the past. But I never said anything about not punishing those involved. So let me clear on that: anyone caught looting or rioting should be held accountable. I simply disagree with anyone who says anything else. And that includes any of my supposed “leftist” friends.
        What you seem to be claiming is that Jan 6 couldn’t have been that bad because everyone involved was incompetent. But that doesn’t strike me as a good defense if for no other reason than there is always the next time.
        And the litany of crimes by the “radical left” seems to be missing one critical fact. This is the first time that such a crime was actually led by the President of the United States. That seems like a big deal to me.
        You say some of Trump’s legal strategies “have been used by Democrats to challenge Republican victories on recent elections”. That might be but I can’t think of any. But there is one that has never, ever been used before. And that is to stop the counting of the electoral votes (and there is no question that that is what Trump and his supporters wanted to do – they admitted as much during the insurrection).
        And you never answered my question – what were the insurrectionists doing inside the Capitol if not trying to stop the counting of the electoral votes? And you never addressed any of my questions I posed at the end.
        You say that “our government or “democracy” did not come anywhere near to being toppled”. To which I pose the question “what if Pence had gone along with what Trump wanted him to do”? I assume that you read the Eastman memo that outlined the plan to KEEP TRUMP IN OFFICE. Pence’s acquiescence was only the first step. And there’s no question that that is what Trump wanted Pence to do. It’s certainly possible that the Supreme Court would have stepped in and stopped it, but I wouldn’t have wanted it to go that far.
        And the idea that Trump was merely using “various legal strategies to challenge the election” seems like a bit of an understatement. He had used every strategy he could think of and none of them worked. And that was because he didn’t produce any evidence to substantiate his claims. Remember that all of the states had officially certified their votes on December 14. That was the end of road for legal challenges (or should have been).
        Listen to the statements from the WH legal team and what they thought of Eastman’s plan.
        But, again, all I am asking for is some hard evidence of election fraud. So far, it’s all been conjecture and innuendo. And you haven’t provided any specifics.
        But all of this seems to be missing the forest for the trees. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the legitimacy of the election, isn’t it about time to move past it? In 2000, Gore had a much stronger case to continue to contest the results of the election. But he conceded and said that the country needed to move on. That’s what an adult would do.
        You are right that Biden did call Trump illegitimate. And Biden was absolutely wrong for doing that. Of course, Trump called Obama illegitimate for almost his entire term in office with the “birther” conspiracy.
        Clinton also called Trump illegitimate because of Russian interference. That is completely childish. But she (as far as I know) never called into question the mechanics of the election. To me, her remark falls into the same category that many Trump supporters use when they complain about media bias. There is an element of truth to it, but it is pretty much unquantifiable and should never be used as an excuse.
        But at least Clinton had the decency to concede the election. At the time I thought that was the least any adult would do. Now it seems almost an act of patriotism.
        And neither Biden nor Clinton summoned a mob to Washington to try to overturn the election results.
        I did read part of Hemingway’s book (the chapter on the supposedly stolen election in Georgia). And I wrote her this (in part) at the Federalist Society:
        I got your book primarily because it contained a chapter on the 2020 election focused on Fulton County, and I was interested in what “the other side” would have to say about it. I assumed that you would argue that the election was truly stolen, and I was interested in two things:
        1) What evidence you would provide to back up your claim?
        2) How would you square that claim with the results of the several audits and recounts that Georgia conducted?
        After reading that chapter, I don’t think that you addressed either of my questions. But, to me, it’s even worse than that. I am not even sure what you are claiming, other than that there have been sketchy things that happened in past elections in Fulton County. That may or not be true, but you never established a link to the 2020 election. It appeared that you were expecting me to provide that link.
        As I recall she didn’t even mention all of the recounts and audits that were conducted in Georgia.
        So what is it about “2000 Mules” that is so cogent? Please be specific because what I have read about it doesn’t seem to make the election fraud case at all. Why isn’t this being taken to court if it’s such a strong case? How is my characterization of it incorrect?

        1. “Clinton had the decency to concede the election” ?
          More like the Dixiekkkrats cheated Bernie Sanders in DNC primaries and SHE didn’t want to risk having THAT exposed.
          The very fact that the two most corrupt (and in Obama’s words most incompetent) primary candidates ended up as President and VP instead of legitimate qualified WORKING folks like Yang is what is driving Liberals away from the completely corrupted Washington swamp party.
          To all partisans who cheered or turned a blind eye to the obvious election “irregularities” which only benefited THEIR candidates: congratulations, after 4 years of NO NEW WARS , ENDLESS futile WAR is back in town ,a return to Bill Clintonian capitulation to death-by-China , including hundreds of thousands of young Americans desolated by Leftist policies and then killing themselves with opioids . Bill Maher got his wish: a massive recession (brought by China virus + Demokkkrat lockdowns) JUST BEFORE Trump could be re elected 2020. Of course these were all “COINCIDENTAL”, huh?

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