(READ) ‘America’s Front Line Doctors’ founder sent to jail after she was targeted by govt. during Covid pandemic

Dr. Simone Gold, America’s Front Line Doctors

Dr. Simone Gold, who enjoyed a reputation as an esteemed and respected medical doctor before being targeted by the government and pharmaceutical interests, has reported to jail to serve a 60 day term of imprisonment.

It is believed to be the first time that a medical doctor targeted by the federal government amid the Covid controversy has been sent to jail. Gold also has a law degree.

Experts say it’s extremely unusual, if not unprecedented, for a “first time offender” to be sentenced to jail for “misdemeanor trespassing.” At the same time, critics note that across the US, violent and serious repeat offenders are being released from jails and prisons.

Gold founded the medical freedom group “America’s Front Line Doctors” (AFLD) amid the government’s disinformation about Covid and treatments. Gold and the group are supported by a large body of physicians and scientists who worked to pierce through the government’s false narratives to try to provide rational medical advice and assistance to thousands of patients who were not satisfied with the government’s actions, or who became suspicious of the government’s advice and directives. However, the government, pharmaceutical industry, and their surrogates launched multi-pronged attacks to try to convince people that Gold and AFLD were the ones disseminating misinformation.

While US officials tried to smear and marginalize Gold and her group, her actual jail sentence was linked to her participation in the January 6, 2021 Trump rally in the US Capitol. According to Gold, she proceeded to the Capitol building on that date, where police let her into the building with a group that did not use force; and she spoke to the crowd inside about medical freedom.

As a result, she was charged with trespassing, and sentenced to jail time.

Below is a news release issued by Gold’s group, including instructions on how to contact her while she is serving her sentence.

At the link below, you can watch the video that started America’s Front Line Doctors.


An Eagle Is Caged: AFLDS Founder Dr. Simone Gold Surrenders to Serve Sentence

Miami, FL 

The fearless founder of AFLDS, Dr. Simone Gold, has been sentenced to 60 days in prison. It is shocking to learn that any Judge in the United States of America would sentence any person to any prison time for misdemeanor trespass. We’ve never heard of such a thing. That we live in a two-tiered system of justice: exonerating, acquitting, failing to charge, dropping charges, or giving trivial sentences to persons of one political class while locking up persons of another political class – is indisputable. Steve Colbert crew? Charges dropped. Ilhan Omar just arrested? Watch those charges get dropped. Night of Rage? Outside Brett Kavanaugh’s home? Antifa? BLM? Not arrested, not charged, or charges dropped.

Today, Dr. Gold has surrendered herself to the government and will spend the next 60 days of her life locked inside of a cell for exercising her right to free speech inside of the Capitol building, which she was let into with open doors. Dr. Gold is valiantly standing in front of the medical freedom movement for We The People. While most of us cannot fathom what it would be like to be stripped of daily luxuries and jailed for a first-time, misdemeanor offense, this is Dr. Gold’s reality due to selective prosecution. Dr. Gold has vowed to come out the other side of her imprisonment an even more fierce warrior for our freedom.

Since the start of Covid, and even before, media and politicians have villainized anyone that is not in line with the tyrannical narrative. They especially despise those able to garner attention for starting grassroots education movements that expose their evil agendas. From the very beginning, this is what Dr. Gold has done. She became a trusted freedom doctor for millions and saved countless lives doing so. Dr. Gold has made difficult decisions, though they were never difficult for her. She has chosen to boldly speak about what she knows to be true and stand up for medical freedom, despite the repercussions that have followed. We at AFLDS stand behind Dr. Gold and know she will come out of this stronger and ready to continue the fight.

Please keep Dr. Gold in your prayers over these next 60 days. If you would like to show her your support please consider the following.


  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Mail: Must be written on plain white paper and mailed in a plain white envelopeDr. Simone Gold
    Register Number: 26132-509 FDC Miami
    Federal Detention Center
    PO Box 019120
    Miami, FL 33101
  3. Text “AFLDS” to 80990 to receive 2-3 weekly text updates
  4. Frequently visit freedrgold.org for updates.


America’s Frontline Doctors is the nation’s premier Civil Liberties Organization. Our mission is to provide We The People with independent information from the world’s top experts in medicine and law so you can be empowered with facts, protect your health, and exert your inalienable and Constitutionally guaranteed rights. AFLDS.org

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23 thoughts on “(READ) ‘America’s Front Line Doctors’ founder sent to jail after she was targeted by govt. during Covid pandemic”

  1. K Drew Skonberg, DC

    My first thought, “this is an outrage!” My second thought, “we shall overcome!” As a practitioner of Chiropractic for decades, I’m very versed in the price one may pay for science based healthcare. The forces of corruption that attempt to monopolize healthcare have been defeated in the past, Wilk vs. AMA, The capture of the media, health agencies, and many politicians needs to be countered and can, will, and must defeated. Thank you Simone Gold and all of the physicians for their stand.

  2. We are no longer “one nation under God” and there is no “liberty and justice for all”. I was hugely opposed to kneeling athletes. Maybe they were just ahead of the time. I no longer recite the pledge of allegiance.

  3. We’re witnessing a history-repeat lesson. Bolsheviks oppressed and hunted down dissidents during the Russian revolution. During China’s Cultural Revolution intellectuals and teachers were considered dissidents. We have seen enough to know the “playbook” by now. It may be time to address why the ruling authorities are so damned unsane. Perhaps Elon might consider sending all of these psychopaths to a penal colony on Mars.

  4. I guess this might depend on how quickly Simone Gold entered the capital after the initial violent mob.

    It seems like if it was 15 minutes or so later and the police were just standing there letting non-violent people wander in out of curiosity, then there is no reason to consider it trespassing. Looking at how Simone behaves in interviews, I would also have a hard time believing she was part of the riot. I would think a lawyer could have argued that easily if it were the case.

  5. We are witnessing an era of shamelessness, hypocrisy, collusion and the perversion of government institutions and the media.

    The swamp’s message to Americans, comply or be smeared, persecuted and prosecuted.

  6. I have several comments, but let me start with this question: is it possible that the headline for this article could be any more misleading? Clearly, we are supposed to conclude from the headline that Dr. Gold was “sent to jail” because of her COVID stance. The government was clearly out to get her. That would be a true miscarriage of justice – if only it were true. It’s only at the end of the article that we read that Dr. Gold is being “sent to jail” because she participated (peacefully, evidently) in the January 6 insurrection. She isn’t being “sent to jail” because of what she has said about COVID. She is being “sent to jail” because she broke the law. Imagine that. There is literally zero connection established between Dr. Gold being “sent to jail” and her being “targeted by the government”. The headline could just as well have been “’America’s Front Line Doctors’ founder sent to jail after she paid her monthly utility bills”.
    Of such things are conspiracy theories born. Someone says (or writes) something clearly intended to establish a link between two claims (such as Gold’s COVID stance and her incarceration). Nothing in that narrative establishes that this link is a real thing. But many who hear (or read) that narrative will conveniently forget that no evidence was ever provided. They will just remember the juxtaposition of the two claims and, soon enough, it will become an established fact. Normally it’s Fox News opinion hosts who act so irresponsibly. In this case, it’s an irresponsible “journalist”.
    Here is another quote from the article: “Experts say it’s extremely unusual, if not unprecedented, for a “first time offender” to be sentenced to jail for “misdemeanor trespassing.” First of all, who are these “experts”? Is their comment related to those convicted of trespassing in connection with the January 6 insurrection? These seem like important questions to me. But just to disabuse readers of this newsletter of the idea that Dr. Gold is being uniquely unjustly punished by the government, here is the rest of the story. According to Time, “80 defendants were sentenced to periods of incarceration, with longer prison terms for those who engaged in violence or threats. So far, the median prison sentence for the Jan. 6 rioters is 45 days”. So clearly Dr. Gold’s 60-day sentence is commensurate with those handed down to others.
    According to this article, it seems that we are supposed to feel sympathy for Dr. Gold because “police let her into the building”. That mimics Trump’s claim that the police “escorted” rioters into the Capitol. Does anyone who has seen the video of the events of January 6 still believe that the police just “let people in”? Does it look to anyone like the police were just standing aside? The reason that many people just walked into the Capitol was that the police had been overpowered by the mob and couldn’t prevent them from entering. They had lost situational control.
    To believe that the police just “stood aside” is an insult to their bravery.
    But whether Dr. Gold merely “walked in” or fought her way in is only relevant to the specific crime she was charged with. In either case, she is guilty.
    Or this: “It is believed to be the first time that a medical doctor targeted by the federal government amid the Covid controversy has been sent to jail”. Perhaps this is true, but it is irrelevant. Even accepting that Dr. Gold was “targeted” by the government (whatever that means), the natural questions that come up are: how many other medical doctors were arrested on January 6 and what became of them? Does being a medical doctor immunize you from the consequences of your actions?
    Personally, I think that 60 days is a pretty light punishment for trying to overturn the results of a free and fair election (and we know from Trump’s own tweets that that is what he was attempting to do). Dr. Gold may not have been trying to do that, but that was the sole purpose of the rally that she attended so it’s not an unreasonable conclusion that that is what she wanted.
    The rest of the article is testifying to the victimhood of Dr. Gold. Fair enough – about what I would expect from this newsletter. The only issues here are that: (1) there is no context provided to support the inflammatory language, and (2) these are clearly SA’s opinions. And other journalists inserting their opinions into news articles is something that SA has specifically complained about in past articles. So either SA is guilty of something that she has accused others of or this shouldn’t be considered a news article. I don’t see a third choice.

    1. Stephen Triesch

      The NYT just released the results of a survey of the 780 or so people arrested subsequent to the events of January 6th. Of these, 8% reported that they believed they were participating in an “insurrection. That represents between 60 and 70 people out of a massive crowd of 100,000 plus. Of those arrested, four or five were charged with weapons violations – possession in a restricted area – and none were charged with firing a weapon.

      These facts completely destroy – destroy – the “insurrection” lie that you casually repeat, as well as the claim that “democracy” was in the balance that day.

      You are a sad little person; put the troll life behind you and get a real life.

      1. Thanks for the reply.
        Just to be clear – I am not saying that those simply protesting outside the Capitol are guilty of anything (I assume that’s where your “100,000 plus” comment comes from). It’s only those who actually went into the Capitol that are guilty.
        This is just my opinion but it strikes me as pretty damning that even 8% of the people would admit to participating in something as serious as an insurrection. But I fail to see how a survey would “destroy” the facts on the ground – a group of people stormed the Capitol to disrupt the counting of the electoral votes and, hence, the peaceful transfer of power. They had no legal right to do that. If that’s not an actual insurrection, it’s certainly “insurrection adjacent”. And, really, the survey results would seem to require that January 6 be relabeled as “8% insurrection/92% riot”. Seems fair to me. So just substitute that phrase in the two places that I actually used the term “insurrection”.
        But you failed to address what I thought was clearly my main point. That this article is intended to make us believe that Dr. Gold was incarcerated as a result of her COVID stance (otherwise, why bother to go into the whole COVID issue – after all, many other people have been sentenced to similar jail time for a similar crime– and they didn’t have any COVID connection at all). And that simply isn’t true (or at least no evidence was provided to back up that claim).

        1. It was entrapment. They were waved in and
          encouraged by Ray Epps.
          The only “insurrections” occurred during the
          “mostly peaceful” ANTIFA/BLM protests during
          the “Summer Of Love.”
          Expect more Anarc/terrorism if the vile, degenrate,
          beasts don’t get their way.

          1. You and I clearly saw different videos. If Epps had just “waved them in”, why did they need to break doors and windows? Why did they need to attack the police? Or perhaps this was all staged just to make Trump supporters look bad. I bet that’s it.
            I repeat what I said earlier – to believe that the police just “stood aside” is an insult to their bravery.

    2. Yours is a very lengthy example of sophistry; you protest too much. Simone Gold was jailed in exactly the same way as Paul Manafort: It was Rule of Lawfare: the Democrat way (“We live in the courts”).

      Her J6 participation was the pretext. Of course she was targeted for her public stance on SARS-CoV-2 – just as Manafort was targeted for helping Donald Trump to manage the Electoral Map. His incarceration for FARA violation was unprecedentedly harsh, for something that has been overlooked for decades, and for which leftist Tony Podesta was entirely protected from similar punishment.

      My only question on people like you is: Are you merely naive or deliberately disingenuous? My guess is the latter.

      1. Your summary of Manafort’s case lacks details. Remember that his business partner (Gates) admitted to something like $28M in unreported foreign income (on which he paid no taxes). Here is a summary of the list of crimes for which Manafort was convicted (note: there are multiple counts on some of these charges): filing false tax returns, bank fraud, failing to disclose a foreign bank account, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and witness tampering. So simply saying that Manafort was thrown in jail on a FARA violation is seriously misrepresenting the true story. In fact, it’s so far off the mark that it is basically wrong. One could even say that it is sophistry.
        These are facts, not naiveté.
        And equating Manafort’s case to Tony Podesta’s is also seriously misleading. As far as I know, the case against Podesta was indeed simply a FARA violation. As shown above, Manafort’s list of charges was a whole lot more. Podesta’s case was investigated and ultimately dismissed by the DOJ (in 2019). As was a similar case against a Republican Congressman from Minnesota (Weber) (at the same time).
        You can certainly believe that Dr. Gold was “targeted” because of her COVID stance. I can’t prove otherwise. All I can point out is that she, in fact, was guilty of what she was accused of, and she received a sentence commensurate with what others in a similar situation received. That doesn’t sound like targeting to me.

        1. Sorry, I would like to make one more point.
          You have vindicated my claim that this would become a conspiracy theory (which, in my opinion, is what SA’s purpose was all along). You have connected these facts (without providing any evidence to establish the connection):
          1) Gold spoke out against the government’s COVID messaging
          2) She went to jail
          And conveniently forgot two other facts:
          3) She was clearly guilty of what she was accused of (trespassing at the Capitol on January 6)
          4) She received a sentence similar to what others received
          With nothing other than the first two facts, it would not be unreasonable to believe that the government targeted her (and, in fact, that’s what I wondered about until I got to the end of the article). But once the last two facts are provided to make a more complete picture, the whole conspiracy theory falls apart. But somehow I don’t think that any Trump supporters will spend a lot of time on the second set of facts.

  7. Stephen Triesch

    Just wondering: how many of the leftists who occupied the Wisconsin Capitol for several WEEKS about 11 years ago were sentenced to 60 days in prison? How many were charged for, and convicted, of ANYTHING? How many did the FBi spend weeks and months trying to identify and track down? How many had their homes raided by the FBI? How many lost their jobs?

    Last year I saw an article in England’s leftist flagship newspaper, The Guardian, which said that the final case against the 200+ people arrested for rioting during Trump’s inauguration had been resolved, and that NONE had been convicted of ANYTHING. The vast majority had the charges dropped, and the few who went to trial were acquitted by friendly DC juries. This is what the left has done to “justice” in this country.

    1. It’s a two tiered Satanic system. They’ll never be any
      justice again in this husk of a nation, but they’ll be
      plenty of peace 6 feet under, after they wipe out out
      with genocidal vaccines and mass executions. They’re
      using the “Chinese” model.

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