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2 thoughts on “(READ) TikTok questioned about allowing Chinese parent company to access ‘sensitive data’”

  1. How many Tik Tok App’s and other App’s are attaching session backdoor Browser App scripts ? and or other tracking stuff YOU and Your Kid’s not noticing going on with all these Data launders hiding in background, with there face and Eyeballs pressed into your devices like a 8 year old kid standing outside of a candy store mouth watering with face and eye balls pressed to there screens with fluttering eyebrows into your stuff ??? + Modern Times live Hacking with 5G High speed session activity ! ” Tik Tok ~ Tik Tok ??? IN this year 2022 with High speed advancements in Communications means no longer do they have to install Trojanware and or spyware on your devices, they do it live backdoor session hacking = Tip, “The More you know !

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