(STUDY) Autism rate jumps more than 50% in 5 yrs: 1 in 30 US kids has autism

The following is an excerpt from The Vaccine Reaction.

A new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found that the number of children and adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the United States has risen to 1 in 30.

The study, which was conducted by public health researchers at Guandong Pharmaceutical University in China, looked at data from the annual National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) maintained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It estimated there was a 52 percent increase in ASD diagnoses among children and adolescents in the U.S. during 2017-2020.

Using data from the NHIS, 2.46 percent of children and adolescents in the U.S. were diagnosed with ASD.

By 2016, this had increased to 2.76 percent, then it declined to 2.29 percent in 2017. As of 2020, the number was up noticeably to 3.49 percent.

The 1 in 30 figure also represents a marked increase when compared to last year’s CDC estimate of 1 in 44 American children with ASD. However, that analysis published by the CDC in November 2021, was limited to data in 2018 from about a dozen states in the U.S. and only focused on eight-year-old children, so the study published in JAMA Pediatrics would appear to be more comprehensive, more current and, consequently, more accurate.

The study in JAMA Pediatrics did not comment on what may be causing the continuing rise in ASD diagnoses, but there has been much speculation that the trend may largely be attributed to greater public awareness of the disorder and also changes in diagnostic criteria.

Genetics has also occasionally been brought up as a possible contributing factor.

There is another belief, though, that the autism epidemic is real and that it may indeed be biological and tied to environmental exposure factors.

In a recent article, Dr. Joe Mercola wrote:

[I]mproved diagnosis alone cannot explain this trend. One in 30 children and adolescents were not autistic in the 1980s, with or without diagnosis. No, something is going on. One or more environmental factors are clearly having a devastating impact on our children.

Glyphosate appears to be a leading contributor to autism. Other contributing factors include maternal antibodies associated with autoimmune diseases, maternal immune system overactivation and mitochondrial dysfunction (typically involving electron transport chain overactivity). Mitochondrial abnormalities are suspected of being involved in as many as 80% of cases.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola – Epoch Times article

But again, the study in JAMA Pediatrics does not address the issue of causality as it relates to ASD, it focuses on prevalence of the disorder and breaking it down by factors such as gender and family income. 

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64 thoughts on “(STUDY) Autism rate jumps more than 50% in 5 yrs: 1 in 30 US kids has autism”

  1. We need a vax for it. The new definition of Vax doesn’t prevent it, doesn’t cure it, but never let a manufactured crisis go to waste.

  2. Anyone else wonder why, find it suspicious, have any red flags that China is conducting a study like this on the US? Also curious, are other countries-UK, Australia, European countries, Russia, etc. seeing the same figures as the US?

  3. I always thought it was genetic.. runs through my whole family, and now, both my kids.. The cause? Not really sure.. maybe it will turn out to be a great thing? Even though times have been hard with my autistic kids, I would not change them in a million years.. Their ability to think in 10D dimensions is such a blessing., among many other wonderful things they can do, and ways they process information and think, which is very different from other kids not on the spectrum. They, and many in my family, never felt we “fit into” this world.. maybe we don’t, and never will….. and honestly, that’s okay.

  4. Why isn’t there a peep in the article about the REAL cause, Big Pharma/CDC’s ever-increasing childhood vaccine regimen?

  5. A friend of mine showed me a video of his 18 month old son who was jumping around laughing and singing in front of a large wall mirror. My friend took his son for vaccine shots(2009) and after getting the vaccines, his son stopped talking from that day on. His son is now autistic, non verbal, etc.
    It is the vaccines. Look at the curve from 1986-present in the number of vaccines children are required to receive and how many more children are now diagnosed as autistic, especially after receiving the shots…

  6. Read “Virus Mania”, Jan 2020 for truth. In the mid 1980s autism rate was 1 in 2500, in the mid 1990s the rate was 1 in 35. All caused by vaccines given to kids. Many vaccines at once.

  7. I would be willing to bet that 80% of those diagnosed are of a particular political leaning. It’s what they eat and don’t eat.

  8. It’s a combination of things, like chemtrails, GMOs, cell phone radiation (both towers and the phones/tablets), WiFi in homes and businesses. Smart utility meter radiation is also playing a part.

    1. Agreed, cell phones have been shown to break down the blood brain barrier. This could cause the brain to be contaminated with any number of things, including heavy metals that could be in the vaccines.

    2. Yes, it’s what I call the “kitchen sink” explanation. Also: Forcing vaccination for Hepatitis B FOR BABIES (at least in California) is a very bad idea but the “experts” shout down any critics, the Big Pharma-controlled news a partner in crime.

      You can go on Youtube and view the videos by MIT biochemist Dr. Seneff regarding her theory of causation by way of glyphosate.

  9. No mention of early childhood vaccines. I know of two peer reviewed publication that show that non-vaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children. Look at the early childhood vaccine schedule and you will wonder why all these are required. The only vaccines I had as a child were small pox and polio. I had the mumps, rubella (german measles), chicken pox and what ever else most children had in the 1960s. When I looks under the vaccine hood and the potential side effects it makes me wonder why are we doing this to our children.

  10. Don’t forget the elephant in the room as a cause – the infamouse “V” word that (like the N word) can not be spoken. Glyphosate and the GMO food that it helped created, along with the unsual increase in the number of childhood “Vs” that followed after the pharmceutical companies were given immunity from lawsuits for damages, both seem to follow the same growth pattern as autism cases over the past 40 years. Coincidence? Do children really need 16 flu shots before they are even 7 years old?

  11. Be curious to know the ages and maternal status of the biological mother. 45 year old first time mothers are risking fetal abnormalities too.. Sorry, facts matter.

  12. Autism is the least of our worries with hundreds of millions having taken the clot shots. All-cause death rate is skyrocketing. Gee- I wonder why?


    Then why no mention of the aluminum adjuvant in vaccines?

  14. One thing for sure, it isn’t the pharmaceuticals they keep pumping into society either voluntarily(med visits(legal)), and involuntary(public water supply). I mean, they wouldn’t do that,….right?

  15. OH, and Miss Attkisson;

    You are the journalistic bomb, there are only a few others(don’t want to name them as I don’t want to leave anyone out) with the integrity displayed in your work. Stay safe, stay vigilant!

  16. Isn’t it interesting that China is studying the rate of autism in the US……I wonder if they are doing this to monitor the effectiveness of biologics program.

  17. Vaccines harm immune systems! On balance of probabilities most of the autism cases in children are caused by vaccines.

  18. V a x x i n e s in general, not the most recent experimental mRNA gene therapy inoculation (which isn’t a v a c c i n e in the first place), but v a c c i n e s in general.
    4 – children
    0 – vax
    0 – allergies
    Rarely sick, and when they have been, always over it in 48 hours or less.
    Best of luck new parents!

  19. Don’t believe it. How does Autism increase 200% in one year? The “Scientists “ change the criteria for diagnosis. They just enlarge the umbrella and lengthen the spectrum on both ends. It’s BIG Business, now. Lots of Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists making a killing. Also “ special” schools and “ certified “ teachers…..
    The taxpayer pays high prices for special education for these kids. I’ve watched the Autism Industry boom for 25 years. It has finally arrived., and you’d better “ believe” or else.

  20. Why does anyone care about this study? “The study, which was conducted by public health researchers at Guandong Pharmaceutical University in China…” It was conducted IN CHINA. I’m sure it is valid. HA!

  21. There is probably a vaccine component as well. I think there giving at least 14 shots for kids now. It seems a tad bit excessive.

  22. I am a psychologist. There may be an increase in autism, and it may be due to vaccination. But in my experience, it is the diagnosis du jour in children now and rampantly over diagnosed. Just like ADD in the 90s and bipolar in the early 2000s. Many behavioral and developmental issues are attributed to autism when they are better accounted for by different diagnoses.

  23. No comment on lifestyle, alcohol or drug abuse, Or the fact that, according to the CDC, almost 20% of women over 18 use anti-depressant and/or anti-anxiety medication. Just a guess, but use of these medications likely increased during the pandemic…which may coincide with the jump in autism.

  24. One more thing: According to the CDC, the median age of women giving birth has jumped to 30, up from 24.9 in 2000 and 26.3 in 2014. The highest on record.

    Just sayin’.

  25. Expect more of any/everything that’s bad in days ahead. When enemy forces have invaded and occupied your country, why should one expect other than what is what is? There is reason to wonder if Americans have become so fear numbed by propaganda and dis/mis-information they fail to realize their enemy has not even been given a name yet? In a war, it is a good idea to know whom you are fighting. Ostriches , bury your head in the sand if you like, but the problems being experienced are not the result of mistake, ignorance or inadvertence. Stand-up. Speak-out..

    In liberty

  26. Love your reporting, but please do more research on this. Pediatric health professional here with 43 years experience.
    There is no way those numbers are scientific. They changed the definition of what qualifies as autistic over the years and the therapeutic treatments run the gamut of proven science. The truth really needs to get out. A lot of kids and parents are taken advantage of with bogus programs.

  27. Doug SchexnayderPhD

    The massive use of drugs that can affect DNA started in the sixties and has only gotten worse … there is no free genetic lunch so look at that also!!!
    Wife is a retired PhD in Special Ed who says look at the generations of drug use first.

  28. 50 years ago Henry Kissinger called humanity ‘useless eaters’. His Rockefeller sponsors have been making sure that there are never ‘cures’ for disease, just maintenance drugs. For millennia our natural immune systems [God-given] were mostly able to overcome biological assaults. For the last 30 years, the globally-approved vaccine protocols have degraded our natural immune system to the point where it takes very little to push us into the disease column.

  29. It seems perverse that such a study is conducted by public health researchers at Guandong Pharmaceutical University in China, USING data from the annual National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) maintained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)!

  30. My Grandparents,never had a vaccine of any kind, lived to 99 and 91
    My Mom, born in 1931 at home, never a vaccine til 1955, polio. Healthy 90 yr old
    My son, all the vaccines starting at 6 months, at least 10 flu shots, diagnosed in 10th grade with Type 1 diabetes, Celiac disease , and a thyroid condition that will require taking a pill for the rest of his life.
    If we had never taken him to the Pediatrician i am convinced he would not have any of these LIFELONG diseases.

  31. It’s probably the seed oils they put in the formula, it’s a requirement.
    They cause mitochondrial dysfunction. Just realized this reading about formula with the recent shortage.

  32. I have soMe issues with this article/study:
    1 why is China doing the study for us?
    2. 2017 to 2020 is 4 years, not 5.
    3. What is the correlation between the legalization of weed and autism?
    4. Over vaccinations in children and autism?
    5 definitely environment plays a big role. The installation of G5?

  33. Barbara Douglas

    Why on earth are we listening to a study done in China, of all the God forsaken countries on earth!??? And NHIS? And the CDC? These are all organizations that have lied, cheated, withheld proper treatment from people! I’m absolutely positive that NONE of this information contains one ounce of truth. These idiots are lead by people that don’t even know what a woman is!!??

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