UPDATE: Attkisson lawsuit over govt. computer intrusions

The following is an update and news analysis by Sharyl Attkisson involving her lawsuit over the government’s computer intrusions.

With cautious optimism, we are now scheduling our first depositions in the computer intrusion case. We expect some to fight the subpoenas. However, we feel confident we will get to question some important figures. 

Recall that our airtight forensic proof is not, in of itself, enough to move forward with a case. I once thought that since we had the forensic proof, it was ‘Game Over’: The government would have to admit, apologize, and promise to root out the criminals. 

Read more about Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI here.

I have since learned that the government will *never* admit to anything, and will defend the guilty criminals at all costs; and that for us to even get the forensic proof before a jury, we have to provide (in advance) the names of those directly responsible— no easy task since those who know the names are covering up the evidence and information.

With continued momentum, we will be conducting depositions in August and then moving forward to trial.

I have already won a clerk’s default against one defendant. I believe it’s the first win ever by a US journalist in a case of government spying. The final judgement will have to be entered by the judge at the end of the whole case. I don’t know if the victory that’s already been had will get the attention commensurate with its significance, but each step forward, I believe, makes it a little bit harder for the same players to continue illegal spying on other journalists and US citizens.

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16 thoughts on “UPDATE: Attkisson lawsuit over govt. computer intrusions”

  1. In late 1980’s, Going Postal in Gun free zones had resulted in 3 high profile executive murders when Joe Biden’s Senate, 1990, put Gun Free on our schools and malls.
    Where once traffic school for 6 year olds had police set up in the mall with traffic lights, now we have massacres.
    1990 gun free signs need to come down and
    retired cops drink coffee in hall.

  2. You are the most patient person I know!

    Alas, the powerful hold onto that power with $$$.

    If our representatives were not too busy with the little stuff, they might see what is going on…

    “A good civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within”.

    Turn the $$$ faucet off.

  3. I hope Sharyl ends up fabulously rich at the end of all this. I know it’s not a case of anybody dying at the government’s hands but if she doesn’t win this case, it means that the government sure could do whatever the hell it feels like doing to anybody anywhere and get away with it.

  4. Thank you Sharyl, I appreciate your tenaciousness, patience and persistent attitude towards this investigation. I sincerely hope this, in some way, creates a new attitude within the media to start doing their jobs the correct way and a new attitude within the government and it’s bureaucracies to instill a more fair and less corrupted way of doing ‘business’.

  5. You’re the last remnant of journalism. From the 1960’s…I am member of honorary journalism fraternity Pi Delta Epsilon. The certificate is hanging in my bathroom…above the toilet…upside down.

  6. I wanted to make a donation on your website and help your fight this, but your format forces me to make a recurring monthly donation with no option to just make a one-time donation..

    Sorry., because I think you are well worth supporting, but I don’t like being forced into having to “opt out” of a recurring donation later. This undermines the integrity of your efforts, which should be rewarded. But on the donor’s terms; not the force website choices.

    1. Tried again and saw the option for one-time only. Then tried to use PayPal for the donation and it reported I had made a donation to “HitPrint” – which I know nothing about and wanted additional account information for PayPal – which I already have and account. Is your donation link “hacked” or is HitPrint legitimate?


      1. Get out of PayPal because they can and will fine you if you access and pay for something they unilaterally have decided is a social ‘crime’. It’s their announced policy.

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