(VIDEO) UPDATED: Mass uprisings by farmers, ‘anti-globalists’ and other citizens around the globe

Farmers protest in Germany

Updated July 15: Italian farmers join protests.

Updated July 14: Dutch farmers welcome German farmers who arrived in the Netherlands to support the protest.

Mass citizen protests are underway in countries including The Netherlands, Germany, Armenia, China, Poland, Sri Lanka, and Italy. Also, trucker protests are happening in Los Angeles over vaccine mandates.

They may not be getting much attention on the news, but there are mass protests taking place in countries around the world.

The main issue seems to stem from the Dutch government’s recent announcement of a new nitrogen emissions cap, as part of a 2030 climate agenda, promoted by the World Economic Forum.

The Dutch government says that emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia, which are produced by livestock and used in fertilizers, need to be drastically cut.

Nitrogen fertilizers play a critical role in farming. Farmers say that the proposed harsh reductions will reduce their yields of crops, ultimately decreasing the food supply.

The protest movement originating in The Netherlands has now spread to Germany, Poland, and Italy as farmers are collectively rising up to protest what they say is their government’s destructive climate policies that will destroy modern farming – threatening livelihoods and the global food supply.

Activists say the movement is spreading to Canada, as well.

Meanwhile in Sri Lanka, which also banned fertilizer, is now said to be running out of food and gas. Protestors occupied the residences of top officials in the Sri Lankan government. As a result of the uprisings, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe have both resigned.

Also, citizens in Armenia have stormed government buildings.

In China, citizens recently storm the Bank of China in Zhengzhou over bank account freezes. According to social media posts, “Banks froze millions of dollars in deposits last April, simply explaining to savers that they need to upgrade their internal systems. Since then, customers have not received any kind of communication.”

In Los Angeles, California, thousands of defiant truckers and other demonstrators are spearheading protests in objection to Covid-19 vaccine and mask mandates.

Below are videos of some of the protests:

Armena protests

Chinese citizens storm bank

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3 thoughts on “(VIDEO) UPDATED: Mass uprisings by farmers, ‘anti-globalists’ and other citizens around the globe”

  1. Stephen Triesch

    Unelected globalists like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are using their proxies to destroy national sovereignty, the middle class, and individual freedoms. In country after country, they are stripping away the right to bear arms as a prelude to entirely eliminating the right to self-defense.

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