Americans worry IRS expansion will target taxpayers of modest means

The following is an excerpt from Just The News.

Many Americans are expressing concerns that the Internal Revenue Service will use additional funding from the Inflation Reduction Act to audit average taxpayers, amid data showing that most Americans believe the agency is too bloated and political.

“Are we actually going after lower-income people or are we going after higher-income people?” one woman, Adrian, told FOX Business in an article published Tuesday. “My concern is that the lower-income people are losing out on this policy change.”

The act, which Democrats approved in the Senate 51-50 on a party line vote Sunday and still needs to pass the House, would raise taxes on most Americans, according to an analysis by the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation.

Mike, who has been previously audited, told Fox that he thinks the expansion means the IRS will “go after the small guy.”  

“I don’t think they go after big companies,” he said. 

Others felt that the funding boost could be used differently. 

“I guess in theory if they hire more people, then they will catch more people evading taxes,” a man named Kofie said. “But definitely feel like the money could be allocated somewhere else, like infrastructure, education system, something like that.”

Their concerns align with a Trafalgar Group survey released late last month, showing that 58.5% of Americans agree that federal bureaucracies such as the EPA, CDC and IRS have “grown too large and only serve their own political interests.” …

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8 thoughts on “Americans worry IRS expansion will target taxpayers of modest means”

  1. I suspect the IRS will target people and businesses more based on political views than income status.

    It should just be assumed that if the Democrats want it, it won’t be good for America.

  2. Sharyl, it would seem reasonable and cost effective for both the government and taxpayers to go with a flat consumption tax and basically eliminate the need for the IRS, except for corporations. However, when Congress and Executive Branch bureaucrats are not reasonable and are receiving millions of dollars from people working in the tax industry, no changes will be made other than to increase our taxes.

    1. Amen, that is so logical. Receipts of incoming taxes would increase exponentially. I agree that that will never happen, because there are very few if any in congress that are going to go against the status quo, regardless of party affiliation.

  3. With regards to the complexity of the IRS code there’s a saying. ” Show me the person and I’ll show you the crime.” From 1787 until 1913, 126 years when we passed the 16th amendment; except for the Civil War we didn’t have a direct personal income tax. We should repeal the 16th Amendment and make the big progressive states like California and New York which use most of the federal funds bill their citizens and let the smaller states pay less.

  4. What a sad time in our history. It is like watching the Titanic sink. The Dems and “Re”gressives are drinking champagne and patting themselves on the back while everything they have done (do) since 2016 has aimed to shred the very fabric of our nation. And there are those delusional enough to think this is progress. Maybe it will end in a wave of repentance and faith in God. We sure could use that.

  5. The number of new IRS agents is somewhere around 70,000. You don’t need that many new agents to go after the upper 2% of earners, who probably already get most of the attention. I expect we will see targeted investigations of Republican politicians, prominent conservatives, and conservative organizations, news media, and charities. This is how the left operates, and the MSM are all on board with it. Tucker Carlson, Turning Point USA, Project Veritas, Steve Kirsch (prominent Covid vax critic), Hillsdale College, and Marjorie Taylor Greene are likely targets.

  6. This Article ? Beings after 2 years and growing of Covid ongoing economics damage on our economy and more damaging to World economics from Russia too ? I cannot help to wonder if state and federal Law makers could act on a 5-7 year New States region area’s Tax breaks to Natural Gas companies in states and counties within those different states low income regions counties with lower income county residents and smaller businesses operating in these economic geological area’s that uses Natural gas heat . Example: Pass a 5-7 year futures Tax break Bill to help Natural Gas companies supplying natural gas to counties in states regions with lower income to off set 2022-23 Winter even more rising rates imposed from ongoing economics damage from Russia and and on Going Covid…= New Tax timeline Breaks to Natural Gas companies that are also being damaged from Russia + Covid on going economic inflations ?

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