Chicago hospital accused of allegedly sharing patient data with Facebook entities

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Healthcare Review.

Chicago-based Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Meta, Facebook and Instagram were named in a lawsuit filed Aug. 10 accusing the hospital of sharing sensitive patient health data with the social media companies.  

The federal lawsuit, filed in Illinois, alleges that Northwestern Memorial Hospital allowed Facebook’s tracking tool, dubbed Meta Pixel, to unlawfully collect private medical information from the hospital’s patient portal to use for its own profit.

The plaintiff is seeking compensatory damages, class-action status and an order that Northwestern remove any code from its patient portals that may jeopardize patients’ protected health information. 

Similar lawsuits have been filed against UCSF Medical Center and Dignity Health in which the plaintiff alleges that the tracking tool collects sensitive medical information without consent from patient portals.

The news site The Markup conducted an investigation into the tool and found that it was installed at 33 health systems. 

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4 thoughts on “Chicago hospital accused of allegedly sharing patient data with Facebook entities”

  1. You would be surprised Sharyl in Windows 10 and 11 builds O.S. systems they been doing this exact various Sync- and sharing settings on all Brands of computers running Microsoft windows, and in recent years, even various Apple devices have sync-sharing settings sharing user’s data.. “Have your IT computer people walk you through all the Maze of various Sharing settings, a person has to shut off in various settings in apps and O.S. systems = A maze of Data Brocker sharing settings Game of Thrones ??? “You don’t have to be Agent Mulder and Scully to figure out the X-File sharing Games Here Sharyl?

    1. Don’t doubt what you say one bit,Bill. Every time my wife and I have a private conversation about anything (vacations, restaurants, local stores, health problems, etc.), guess what shows up in Facebook ads and even email ads! Exactly what we were discussing in the supposed privacy of our home!

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