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4 thoughts on “Frontline Workers Launch Organized Fight against Covid Mandates (Podcast)”

  1. What I was seeing with my own eyes was not matching what I was being told! Spot On!
    Easily treatment is most effective!
    This fight is for our future!!
    Just say no to the ventilator and remdesivir!
    Vaccine injuries are real!
    Stand up for yourself and your health!
    Good podcast! I hope they win their battles!!

  2. Just wanted to let you know in case you’re working on a story concerning the use of therapeutics to treat covid. I contracted covid Aug. 16 and started feeling my first symptoms the evening of Aug. 20 with a slight cough. I can’t tell you how badly I felt Aug. 21 because you air a family show. I obtained some quick covid tests on Monday Aug. 22, ran a test which came back very positive. I immediately started my prescription of ivermectin I had obtained in January just for this event. Within three hours, I felt 100% better. When my partner returned home from work that day, she couldn’t believe the change. She started feeling symptoms and wanted to take some of my ivermectin. We contacted the doctor I had obtained my medicine from and he wrote her a prescription for the medicine at the same dosage and frequency as my prescription so we didn’t worry about her taking medicine from my prescription. She had the same reaction as I did by feeling much better later in the day. We picked up her prescription so we both could finish of course of treatment.

    If you ever do a story about how the government quashed the use of hydroxychloroquine and/or ivermectin, please feel free to contact me if you desire. I feel that because of the actions the CDC, FDA and Fauci took to kill the use of these medicines cost millions of people their lives and all unnecessary in my opinion. I am not a doctor. Just an average John who can think for themselves.

  3. Hi Sharyl,
    thank you for covering this story. It’s great to see these workers organize in this way, and I’m glad they are calling for an end to the emergency. The incident where a hospital wanted to commit a man to a psych ward because he declined the treatment the hospital wanted to force on him was like a Soviet nightmare. I’m aware of two organizations that are aware of this and trying to address it:

    It’s also good that his organization is calling attention to frontline workers who have been harmed by vaccines. The most heartbreaking case I know of is UCSD nurse Marsha Gee.

    Initially, she was enthusiastic to get the vaccine, the first at her hospital: https://twentytwentysd.com/marsha-gee/

    But then things went horribly wrong for her:

    Looking forward to the new season of Full Measure.
    all best,

  4. Thank you Sharyl, your reporting is so vitality important.
    I spent 30 years at the ABC NH network selling ads…the system and the money that with it was so deep and disgusting it truly ruined my last 10 years.

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