Google Censorship & Finishing the European Road Trip (Podcast)

How Google works to censor content in a sneaky, invisible way through ads. Also, we finish our European road trip! Investigative Producer Daniel Steinberger and Cameraman Bryan Barr join Sharyl for this episode.

Listen here or below.

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2 thoughts on “Google Censorship & Finishing the European Road Trip (Podcast)”

  1. This Article on yet another big Tech company concerns ? ” Sharyl ? I recently seen a article on a Twitter whistle Blower about issues with Twitter platform security issues ? In 2014 I filed a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General office ( I still have case number and other proof Documents regarding matters ) involving Twitter and Facebook, from whom I never had any user signed accounts with joining there platforms ?, I documented them in background of my Microsoft Browser violating 3rd Party and other security browser settings, for them to be installing session widgets detection in the background of my Microsoft Browser collecting my activity ? In the filed report to the Indiana Attorney Generals office I asked for money in damages ? The Indiana Attorney General office sent me a letter back with a case number advising me to seek a Attorney, In the State of Indiana, I tried there was no Attorney I could ever locate in Indiana that claimed they could help me sue, they said instead these issues was outside there area’s of Law practice in Indiana, leaving me holding the bag in cyber crime activities with Social media platforms that I never had user agreement accounts with in the first place ? My advise to Twitter Whistle Blower working with Attorney and Government. I have past log files of Cookies and session widgets detection log proof still that was hidden in background of my Browser ? I would have liked to of had some of that big whistle blower money ? I could have used some of the money to get a New truck with a picture of Jay Edgar Hoover smiling ear to ear on the Back of the tailgate of my New Truck ? P..S.. This story is 100% True I have the Documents proof still people !

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