(REPORT) More physicians ‘behaving badly’

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Hospital Review.

Forty-one percent of physicians have seen other clinicians behave inappropriately in the workplace, up from 35 percent in 2021, Medscape’s 2022 “Physicians Behaving Badly: Stress and Hardship Trigger Misconduct” report found.

The report, published Aug. 19, surveyed more than 1,500 physicians about misconduct they’ve observed among their colleagues.

Respondents were asked to identify observed misbehaviors in the last five years and which misbehaviors they saw most recently. 

Six findings: 

  • Eighty-six percent of physicians said they saw colleagues bullying or harassing other clinicians and staff in the past five years, and 30 percent said they saw it more recently.
  • Forty-five percent of physicians said they saw colleagues bullying or harassing patients in the past five years, and 5 percent said they saw it more recently.
  • Eighty-two percent of physicians said they saw colleagues disparaging patients unbeknownst to the patients in the past five years, and 30 percent said they saw it more recently.

Continue here to read additional findings.

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5 thoughts on “(REPORT) More physicians ‘behaving badly’”

  1. It goes beyond that.
    My wife, I was with her, many years go to a family practice doctor who wasn’t satisfied in listing to her heart beat. He told her to remove her blouse and bra? My wife is a very beautiful women, she refused. Telling him she will not do that. We asked around about this guy to others and found out he was recently divorced. Kinda explains his actions. I was so tempted to report him to the state medical board. I believe there are a certain amount of male doctors who will abuse their title in devious ways. This is one example.

  2. The last time I was in to see my doctor he wanted me to get the booster shot. I had complied earlier with two jabs of the “vaccine” before I had any further information about it. I did not want any more of it. I’m sorry I had it in the first place. Long story short, most of my visit consisted of him pressuring me about it until I gave in. I regret that. I have come away feeling bullied and somewhat distrustful. Now I am wondering if this guy’s job might have depended on his convincing me to get another jab. I would like to discuss it all further with him but I also wonder if my visits with him are being recorded or videoed by the clinic. I know of one doctor that recently retired from there. He is not elderly either. I guess he got fed up with the system during the “plandemic”. There is no answer, only guess.

  3. You know how the FBI constantly hits us with “See something, say something”. The “bad” doctor is NOT just having a bad day so if it is enough for you to notice it is your moral obligation to monitor this person and when you see continued bad behavior you MUST TELL SOMEONE. And for us……when a doctor (and most do so if it hasn’t happened it will) bullies you into doing something you don’t want to, it is time to walk away.

  4. How anyone can have any trust in doctors after the vaccine, mask and lockdown fiasco. In my opinion, doctors (who noticed the bullying of patients/staff) are just Covering Their Butts. They want to show all potential patients, “Hey. We are good guys, and are worthy of your trust.”
    My question is: “Where were they in the last 1 1/2 years..” If docs had been against lockdowns (which have been shown to be unhealthy and hurtful to adults and children); masks (which have been shown to be ineffective. It’s particularly surprising that few docs were reported to be against the practice-since even a quick look on Google will show that viruses are smaller than the pores in cloth masks, (And the eyes-which aren’t protected-provide a direct portal to the respiratory system)); vaccines/boosters-why in the world docs didn’t man the ramparts when heart inflammations showed up in healthy young men, I’ll never understand. And why did they laugh off ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine when they were both so successful in clinical use. Also, common sense should tell you that any pharmaceutical corp.-which manufactured. the vaccines-that immunized itself from patient lawsuits, should be suspect when they readily supplied the vaccines.
    If there’s anything we have learned from the past 2 years is: Rarely trust docs (they don’t do research, they just read and rely on the CDC research-which has become political and is not based on science); never trust media denominated “Experts”; and never ever trust the government organizations like the CDC or the FDA!

  5. The first two bullet points are unfortunate.

    The last bullet is likely pointless. Why include it? I challenge you to find any profession where 80% of the folks haven’t griped about a customer over a period of 5 years. In fact, 82% sounds really, really low. And of course they don’t gripe to the customer’s face — they’re not their parent nor their therapist. Unless of course, they are; but even therapists gripe about their clients!

    Humans gonna human.

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