More hospitals cutting back by eliminating inpatient care

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Hospital Review.

  • Cleveland-based University Hospitals is scaling back care at two hospitals and consolidating services. The health system announced July 14 that it is ending inpatient, surgical and emergency services at UH Bedford (Ohio) Medical Center and UH Richmond Medical Center in Richmond Heights, Ohio, on Aug. 12. The health system attributed the changes to a staffing shortage.
  • Boston-based Tufts Children’s Hospital closed its pediatric inpatient units July 1 to convert its 41 pediatric inpatient beds to adult ICU and medical/surgical beds. About 70 pediatric physicians transitioned from Tufts to Boston Children’s Hospital at the beginning of July, a Tufts spokesperson told Becker’s Hospital Review.
  • HCA Florida Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville, Fla., announced in August that it closed its inpatient pediatric unit. The hospital cited several reasons for the closure, including the shift to outpatient pediatric treatments and remote monitoring. 

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3 thoughts on “More hospitals cutting back by eliminating inpatient care”

  1. I love outpatient care. In most hospitals today, the patient needs a family member to stay round the clock to look after him anyway, so it is much better at home. There’s far less risk of those hospital-acquired infections, and of course the bills are much less.

    When I had a double mastectomy last year, it was day surgery. They ended up keeping me overnight only because they didn’t finish surgery until after 11 pm, but they released me promptly the next morning.

    (and boy, a nerve block is the bees knees! No pain at all from the surgery. The Dr gave me a few painkillers to take home, but I never needed them. By the time several days later the nerve block had worn off, I didn’t hurt).

  2. Thanks Biden and Fauci – great PR job on health care. Make it so toxic that no one will want to fund it with another Democrat blank check.

  3. Cutting PEDIATRIC units. Could it be that they want to reduce the number of hospitalizations of kids who have severe adverse reactions to the jabs like myocarditis??

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