(POLL) Voters looking forward to Midterms

Ninety-one percent (91%) say they are looking forward to voting this November in the Midterm elections.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 865 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Our question asked, “Are you looking forward to voting in the Midterm elections?”

In addition to the 91% who said “Yes,” 6% responded with “No,” while 3% answered with an ambivalent “50-50” response.

The Midterm elections will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022. There is much speculation about whether Republicans will gain control of the House of Representatives or the Senate.

As of Aug. 19 the Republicans had a five-point lead, up two points from the prior week, in the Generic Congressional Ballot, according to Rasmussen Reports.

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

Poll Question: Are you looking forward to voting in the Midterm elections?

91% Yes

6% No

3% 50-50

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5 thoughts on “(POLL) Voters looking forward to Midterms”

  1. It is not going to make any difference who you vote for its going to be rigged just like the last one was the dem/communists will win big time and they will gloat about it by saying that the voters have spoken and elected the dem/communists again I don’t think I will even bother to vote at all what’s the use no one is going to fix the rigged election.Look what they have done to Trump.

  2. This survey is worthless, you cannot make any conclusions from self – selected respondents. All it tells you is what your audience is thinking, not the public at large.

    Most of the people I talk to are resigned to the fact that the Democrats will rig the midterms in all but the reddest of districts. In the highly unlikely event the Republicans do get control they all believe that with McConnell and McCarthy running the show absolutely nothing of value will be accomplished.

    The upcoming midterm election results will break the back of the conservative movement. The country is lost.

  3. If the republican leadership would do their job we would not be facing this dilemma. The last election should have been their learning curve, we can only hope it was. With all the bright young minds in the republican party there must be those that can plan, investigate, and prevent the greatest theft in American political history from happening again. If not, our once great nation will be doomed

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