(READ) Republicans press NY Governor on Covid nursing home deaths

A prominent group of Republicans on the House Oversight Committee and the Coronavirus Crisis Subcommittee are asking New York Governor Kathleen Hochul to provide full and complete data about former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s order that sent Covid-19 positive patients to nursing homes where they spread Covid, resulting in untold deaths that experts say need not have happened. 

Governor Cuomo’s disastrous leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic led to the deaths of thousands of senior citizens in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Grieving families across the Empire State deserve answers about why so many of their loved ones in nursing homes died from Covid-19.”

Rep. Steve Scalise, Republican Whip and Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis Ranking Member (Louisiana)

Governor Hochul must do the right thing and end Cuomo’s cover-up by making all data on Covid-19 nursing home fatalities related to his must admit order available to the public. These families deserve the truth and the ability to seek closure. We owe it to the thousands of families who lost loved ones in New York nursing homes to hold Governor Cuomo accountable for his reckless policies that likely contributed to their deaths.”

Rep. James Comer, (R-Kentucky) Oversight Committee Ranking Member

It’s past time New York officials provide Congress all information and data about former Governor Cuomo’s deadly order. We need answers and accountability now. Every family deserves answers and accountability for Corrupt Cuomo’s order that resulted in the deaths of thousands of seniors in New York’s nursing homes. For the sake of families who needlessly lost loved ones, I am providing critical oversight of all data on Cuomo’s deadly order.” 

Rep. Elise Stefanik, (R-New York) House Republican Conference Chairwoman

Republicans on the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis have been requesting data regarding Covid-19 positive patients in New York nursing homes since June 15, 2020.

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo never responded to the requests.

Hochul, who succeeded Cuomo, promised that her administration would be fully transparent regarding the data surrounding Covid-19 deaths and nursing home readmissions, but she has not provided answers to the families that lost loved ones in New York nursing homes.

The letter to Governor Hochul can be found here

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5 thoughts on “(READ) Republicans press NY Governor on Covid nursing home deaths”

  1. My Sweet Danielle painful last 40 days on this Earth!!!

    On Friday August 27th, 2021 Danielle and I both walked into the emergency room at Northwell Health Glen Cove Hospital on our own accord due to me noticing she still had a slight cough and fever with a pulse oximetry of 88. My husband was told he could not stay and denied entry into the ER.

    After a covid-19 test was administered, she was diagnosed with having double pneumonia on both lungs and covid. The ER Dr. Andrews informed me that they were admitting Danielle, I was asked to sign a document for treatment without any knowledge of what I was signing or what they would be giving her. I was in shock and scared for my daughter. I believed that Danielle was in the safest place to be because my neighbor who is a Doctor is affiliated with and knows the Dr’s in that hospital. Little did I know that it was the most dangerous place to be.

    I was informed that Danielle had Covid-19, I asked the ER Dr. Andrews if they could give her monoclonal antibodies, which she said, no because her lungs have fluid.
    However, they immediately started her on a ten-day regiment of an IV experimental drug called Remdesivir, when regular dosage is five days of Remdesivir.
    Dr. Andrews said, DO PRAY ? I said Yes!

    The Doctors ignored the correct medical test procedures such as a sputum test. A Sputum test is the most common test ordered when a patient has pneumonia. It is used to identify the bacteria or fungi causing the airway or lung infection. Danielle was not given this test. Only an x-ray for the next 6 days

    Dr. Andrews said, she would only need to be admitted for 5 or 7 days. Once my daughter was given Remdesivir, her health deteriorated. She got worse and was having a harder time with her oxygen not sleeping and very scared, Danielle always sleeps well.
    I asked to see the pulmonologist. On day 4 the pulmonologist Dr. Rahmanou informed me they would be moving her to the ICU to observe her.
    I thought Danielle would receive the best care because my neighbor, the doctor who is affiliated with Northwell Health Hospital Glen Cove, recommended taking her to the hospital. He was calling in everyday to find out how she was doing. That made me feel assured she would be safe, but I did not know the hospital true intent!

    Having stayed by my daughter’s bedside, I became very sick. On Wednesday Sept 1st, 2021. I asked the nurse if I could go home, take a shower and return. I was told yes. I only live 8 minutes away from the hospital.
    Once, I returned home, I received a phone call from the hospital stating that I would not be allowed back to see Danielle until I could provide a negative test. Also, if I came to the hospital, they would have me removed by the police.
    I don’t understand why they would tell me this once I left. I felt like they were preventing me from seeing my daughter on purpose. Why would they want to lock me out of the hospital or not allow me to see my daughter who is clinically anxious! She needed me at her most vulnerable moment! I was extremely scared, so I know my daughter had to have been petrified.
    While I was with Danielle, they never gave her any type exercise for her lung or breathing treatments, they kept her on the bed and forced her to use a bedpan which Danielle told them she did not want. She needed to go to the bathroom. One of the night nurses told me Danielle hugged her and would not let her go until she took her to the bathroom.
    When I could not go back in, I sent her balloons and her iPad. However, the hospital refused to give it to her!
    Danielle had nothing to comfort her. They did not allow me to see her on the hospital iPad. I was told it was always not working until Friday night for 2 minutes on the third night she was alone. Danielle only looked at me and was not speaking. That was so heartbreaking to see.
    Danielle was alone for 3 days at the mercy of the doctors and nurses who were not doing anything or trying to help her get better.

    One nurse told me Danielle needs to have someone with her, the hospital never allowed her to have an aid. Danielle has Cigna PPO and Medicaid this would be covered under her insurance.
    All 28 years of her life, Danielle always had someone with her at all times. That nurse said she had to restrain/tie her to the bed because, she kept taking off the oxygen mask. Danielle also pulled off the IV because no one was with her. She wanted to go home! They neither called me to speak to her or helped or got her help, she was left tired to the bed!
    Special needs children are supposed to be treated kindly. But this never happened!
    I tried to get someone to stay with her and paid a lady to go on Friday and Saturday, but she got into a car accident.

    On the 8th day, Danielle’s father came from Florida and was at her bedside. Since I was not allowed to be there. Again, since Monday when we went into the ICU the doctor kept telling me Danielle needed to go on the ventilator, even though she was eating and speaking. Danielle was eating and talking she did not pass out and was struggling but they wanted her on the ventilator.

    Friday night I was told by Dr. Rahmanou and my neighbor the doctor who recommended her to go to the hospital, that she was not doing well, and it would be best to put her on a ventilator.
    On Saturday morning I asked Dr. Rahmanou asked if it was his daughter would he put her on the ventilator, he said yes Danielle is young! He said it would only be temporary until she gets her breathing back to normal.

    I obliged not knowing what else to do, I still thought this would be the best for Danielle. The nurse allowed me a few video calls with her after she was vented. Danielle’s eyes and face were swollen, they said that was normal. I know it was all lying, her body was filling up with water because of her kidneys were failing from being on remdesivir.

    On the 10th day, I researched effective treatments for covid-19 and came across patients get off ventilators and return home from the hospital if they were given Ivermectin. Danielle doctor for 15 years sent in a prescription and asked Dr. Rahmanou to give Danielle Ivermectin and was told no. The hospital protocol would not allow Danielle to receive any type of Ivermectin treatment. I was also told that this treatment did not work.
    I refused to let the hospital dictate to me what I now knew was best for my daughter and at least to try.
    I Immediately hired an attorney Ralph Lorgio. We were successful in getting a court order which stated that the hospital must immediately give Danielle the Ivermectin.

    The hospital did not follow the court order to immediately administer the Ivermectin. We had a pharmacist deliver the ivermectin to the hospital after the court order was delivered to the hospital administrator. I called all day Friday evening asking when they are giving it to Danielle, and they said the decision is still in the legal dept.

    Now, I know they were delaying my daughter lifesaving treatment because they needed to make the most money! Danielle was worth more DEAD than ALIVE!

    It was 10 days after I was allowed to go back if I had a covid free test.
    When I went back on Monday Sept 13th, 2021 Danielle supposed to have three days of ivermectin I honestly don’t know if they even gave her the ivermectin.

    My heart was broken to see my Danielle lifeless swollen body lying there hooked up to so many machines with drugs intravenously given included Precedex, Propofol, Fentanyl, midazolam, vancomycin, morphine, and so much more her little body couldn’t handle. When they turned her around her face and chin was bruised off, I did not know what happen. I was told all the time I am so lucky I can come in because no one get s to come in the hospital….I was in fear that if I said or did the wrong thing I would be kicked out.
    That same day Dr. Rahamanou told me we needed to cease the ivermectin treatment. He said Danielle’s liver enzymes were getting too high and this was caused by the Ivermectin. But when I told the doctors and nurses it is the drug Remdesivir that raises the liver enzymes, they all stood still and not one word from them after I stated that !

    We knew another ER nurse who was always asking about Danielle, the ICU nurses were saying that the parents wanted to give her horse medicine. Nurse Laura even told me that ivermectin does not work when I asked her if Danielle got the ivermectin.

    Every day I went to the hospital from 12 pm till 6 pm, praying, kissing, combing her hair, and helping the nurses clean her not knowing they knew Danielle were going to let her die. These people who called themselves doctors and nurses involved in hospital murders have no heart and should be punished for these crimes!
    The other ICU doctor came in and told me the right side of Danielle’s heart was not working!!! I was in shock and disbelief, my daughter was never sick, she was strong, we have all her blood work and doctors’ reports to prove Danielle was never sickly.
    Danielle only gets a 5-day cold once every couple of years. Her visits to her doctors are only well checkups.
    We have had every type of test done on her all her life to make sure she is healthy. She was on a steady regiment of 20 to 30 vitamins a day. Her diet was mostly gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. No fast foods, she eats mostly home cooked meals from scratch. Danielle had salads with chickpeas her favorite for breakfast with boiled eggs.
    On two occasions I came in to visit and saw my daughter’s gowns and pillows were wet from lying in her own liquid feces. Having my daughter in this hospital turned out to be the worse experience I ever had in my life!
    I am still in shock and disbelief what I went through 9 months ago is real! PTSD 24 hours a day.

    Another bizarre comment Dr Rahmannuo made was, “I have nightmares about Danielle.” These comments were so hurtful to me and my husband. We were going through a scary, stressful and dramatic time and to hear these words from professionals who were supposed to give you hope was unbelievable.

    Around 3 weeks after being on the ventilator, Dr. Rahmannuo said, they want to wake her up, they need me to sign to get her tracheostomy surgery, this was the promise that Danielle will be woken up and she can go to rehab. I didn’t know that was another money-making procedure and with the surgery for the feeding tube.
    I asked the Social worker to have the rehab done in my home and I will get our home ready for Danielle.

    I agreed to have the surgery, after the nurse told me this is the only way Danielle can be woken up. They promised she would wake her up slowly, I did not know my daughter was never waking up again! One Day they said she is on less meds and then something else happened in the night, Danielle went back on Precedex and the full cocktail of killer drugs because she is not doing well.
    How did this happen to my child they deliberately kill her.
    During her last 40 days, Danielle was in the hospital she continually was on antibiotics for every kind of infection or bacterial infection and so much more meds. I do not remember on day Danielle was not on medication for some kind of infection, blood pressure and so more. I asked why she is still on antibiotics and it was always this is covid!
    Danielle had fevers and chills sometimes I came in and she was sweating. I put wet towels on her head, arms and legs or she was cold with the cooling blanket. One day she was on it for too long and her little body took hours to come up to a normal temperature.

    My husband and I would ask for updates, one particular night the ICU physician assistant made the comment of saying, “her kidneys are working for now”.
    So, if they knew her kidneys were going to shut down, are they not supposed to tell us we need to do dialysis to prevent her from going into kidney failure?
    Three days before Danielle died, I saw her urine was dark and I asked why with no answers, the other days she was giving out a lot of urine. Now, it is dark and less than the day before. Dr. Rahmannuo came in when her oxygen dropped in the 80’s. He was working the vent waving his hand like a Maestro. In fact, the Nurse said that is what they call him in the ICU. The Maestro of the Vent! The last thing he told me was the next few days will be hard. How cruel of him! How can he be a doctor in the ICU ? Never tried to save my daughter’s life as it was in their hands!!!

    In the medical report it stated Danielle was malnourished, I cannot handle hearing anymore about what happened. It is too painful!
    We did not receive any type of help to save my only Child Danielle in Northwell Health hospital in Glen Cove !!!
    Northwell Health Hospitals in NY have since renovated, expanded all their hospitals and buying up more hospitals with covid innocent blood money!

    Danielle’s Disability was due to hospital negligence at birth! Next time Danielle entered the hospital she was murdered!

    Danielle was born on August 5th, 1993 in Long Island Jewish Hospital.
    I was very healthy 26-year-old young mother. My husband and I planned to have a healthy child and very intelligent child. Danielle was my only pregnancy.
    My morning started with having fresh carrot juice and protein shakes every morning, no coffee, alcohol or smoking.
    Everything was going fine, and I was ready to give birth.
    My labor pain started but my cervix was not expanding.
    After the whole day of pain that night, the doctor removed my plug and induced labor, I started to have pain and asked for an epidural.
    They said I had to rest. It was around 1am and my room was chaos with nurses and Doctors coming in and out. I said what was wrong. They said the baby is losing oxygen, I did not know this would cause a brain injury.
    They removed blood from her head 3 times because the first time was not satisfactory.
    I still remember the resident doctor saying, I am a candidate for cesarian. But I was not given that choice, they made me wait until the next morning when I was at 8cm. I had to push for almost 3 hours of dry labor because the doctor broke my water the night before. They used the forceps and cut me to take Danielle out. She did not cry, and they took her away.
    As a young mother that was a very tragic experience. I asked for Danielle, they brought her to me in the night for a feeding, but Danielle did not have the reflects to suck and the nurse gave me a bottle to feed her. Danielle was learning disabled and had sensory and anxiety issues.
    I have spent the last 28 years focusing on getting my daughter better and she was the most loving child, caring for children and the elderly.
    Danielle worked at Sunrise Assisted Living for 10 years as a volunteer in the dining room. Danielle also worked by Kids by the Bunch in Glen Cove, CW Post with professor Feeley helping prepare paper packets to hand out.
    Danielle had a very active life, Chiropractor and acupuncture every week, Gap programs, Abilities meetings, classes and so much more.
    Danielle had a wonderful life and she loved life and everyone always hugging and telling everyone she loves them; I am sure she told the very same doctors and nurses “I Love You”
    Danielle had a heart of GOLD !!!

    1. Stephanie Tarantino

      You are strong to share your daughter’s and your family’s story. Many families here in upstate NY have been sharing their stories about their loved ones too.. All so incredibly sad. Many of the families have protested several times at the capitol in Albany. Sadly only local news covers it briefly. NY21 Congresswoman Stefanik was very first person to call out Governor Cuomo on the nursing home deaths. Very early in the pandemic in the summer of 2020. Many families in her district, of rural upstate NY were telling her what was going on in the nursing homes up here. Sadly nothing is moving forward with the investigations. The new Governor Hochul promised transparency, but it just as bad as Cuomo..
      I feel so bad for all the families. God bless your Danielle.

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