Republican: Biden’s student loan bailout ‘unfair’ to hardworking Americans

Rep. James Comer (R-Kentucky) is blasting President Biden’s plan to provide a $10,000 taxpayer funded student loan bailout and $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients, who earn up to $125,000 annually.  

Rep. Comer, the lead Republican on the House Oversight Committee, says the bailout raises ethical concerns.

President Biden’s student loan bailout is unfair to hardworking Americans who do not hold a college degree or who made tough financial decisions to pay for their college education. This bailout also raises ethical concerns about Biden Administration officials with student loans who have worked on this policy and stand to benefit financially.

Alarmingly, we’ve learned that the Office of Government Ethics has never been consulted on any pending or finalized waivers related to student loan forgiveness and has no finalized waivers on file for Biden Administration officials.

Oversight Committee Republicans will continue to conduct oversight of this issue to expose any self-serving Biden Administration officials who are poised to gain a financial windfall at the expense of American taxpayers.

We must hold the Biden Administration accountable and protect taxpayer dollars from abuse.”

Rep. James Comer, (R-Kentucky), House Oversight Committee

In June, Comer and the top Republican on the House Education Committee, Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.), wrote to U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Director Emory Rounds requesting information to determine whether Biden Administration political appointees have a potential conflict of interest, and whether they or their family members would benefit from President Biden’s student loan bailout.

OGE officials said that they do not have any finalized ethics waivers related to student loan forgiveness. That implies they have not authorized exceptions to rules designed to avoid certain conflicts of interest among political appointees.

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4 thoughts on “Republican: Biden’s student loan bailout ‘unfair’ to hardworking Americans”

  1. There are real problems with enormous student loan balances turning students into “debt slaves” to the academics and politicians. However, student loan bailouts are worse, forcing “others” to pay off loans taken out by willing borrowers. These are called “loans” for a reason. I paid off all of my student loans early. But before that, I structured my education to minimize said loans, by choosing an institution I could afford, working multiple jobs to support myself, and applying for grants whenever possible. When I got my four-year degree, I entered the work force and established myself in my career. I would have loved to go to grad school, but simply couldn’t afford it! Now the buffoon in the White House wants me to pay off loans for strangers, many living privileged lives that I cannot even imagine, and this is announced three months before the general election. One thing I can say for this administration – they are transparent!

  2. Once more our idiotic government is overlooking the main issue which in this case is that the whole college tuition and loan program is a scam. Why aren’t they focused on fixing that?

    However, when a person makes an agreement to take a loan and accepts those funds then they should have to pay it back. No exceptions.

    In summary: What a load of crap!

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