Backs Turned on Border Crisis (Podcast)

In Eagle Pass, Texas, the local US Congressman tells what it’s like to be overrun by illegal border crossers with little help from the feds who are allowing it.

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1 thought on “Backs Turned on Border Crisis (Podcast)”

  1. I have your last three books and they are treasures of insight, information, and revelation. I have listened to your podcasts and I admire the great variety and depth of them. Likewise I have enjoyed your video work…. and I would add that you have a wonderfully clear and crisp speaking voice and speaking style. The topic today is one I follow as closely as I can, knowing people who live not far from there, and having been there myself decades ago, before I moved to New Jersey. Mainly I wanted to just say thank you for your numerous and valuable contributions to our understanding and knowledge. And for your personal courage and integrity.

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