CDC drops universal masking guideline for healthcare workers

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Hospital Review.

The CDC dropped its universal masking guideline for healthcare workers after a weeklong slowdown in Covid-19 hospitalizations and nursing home infections nationwide, CBS News reported Sept. 23.

The change is one of the final sets of revisions to overhaul recommendations for Covid-19 since August. 

The CDC says healthcare facilities should still rely on its original “Community Transmission” benchmarks. 

Masking is still recommended, especially during situations such as an outbreak or when caring for immunocompromised patients.

Read CDC’s summary of changes here.

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6 thoughts on “CDC drops universal masking guideline for healthcare workers”

  1. With all kinds of caveats that show they still believe in masking, whether they actually believe it does any good or they just believe that the show of it all is worth it to cover their assets. I still don’t trust anyone running a hospital these days. They’ve shown themselves to do damaging things for profit.

  2. NeitherLeftnorRight

    Thank you Sharyl for your steadfast and dogged reporting on the outrageous handling of an epidemic in which truly the cure was worse than the disease. Now, when will the Federal government pull back ALL vaccination requirements and re-instate all who were fired for failure to take a useless injection of a woefully tested therapeutic experiment.

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