(FORUM) Transgender trends: real or manufactured?

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The trend of people, particularly youth, wishing to be a member of the opposite sex is front and center in the media and in culture around the world.

Some people argue that advocates and the power of suggestion are causing children with normal feelings to believe they have something wrong with them, and to turn to drastic measures to try to appear to be the opposite gender, including radical surgery in which girls may have their breasts and ovaries removed, and boys may have their male organs removed. Many people say body dysphoria is a mental illness that should be treated differently.

Others argue that transgenderism, or body dysphoria, is a very real phenomenon that’s on the rise around the world. They believe it is possible for people to choose their gender, and then live their lives accordingly.

If the phenomenon is, indeed, on the rise, it makes sense to ask what’s behind the increase in a fairly short period of time?

It’s known that some environmental exposures, such as medicine, can cause boys to have feminine feelings and even grow breasts. The drug Risperdal, widely prescribed off-label for ADD, now comes with a warning for gynecomastia (boys growing women’s breasts) after a lengthy legal battle during which parents sued the drugmaker. Some of the boys have had to have mastectomies, and have described developing feelings as if they are gay or a girl.

Other medicines and exposures can also cause this side effect. So the question is: Is there anything societies are doing at large– any common exposures given especially to today’s children– that could be causing an uptick in transgender feelings? Is anybody bothering to look, or are we just being distracted by efforts to advocate for, not question, the trend?

In addition, there is a large, well-funded, and powerful lobby putting these issues front and center on the public plate. A liberal lawmaker in Great Britain recently told me, “This sort of thing wasn’t even mentioned in the 2016 elections or 2020 for that matter, but now in 2022 it seems to be all anybody can talk about.” He wondered who is funding what he called the “transgender lobby.”


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24 thoughts on “(FORUM) Transgender trends: real or manufactured?”

  1. ‘ Skip the light fandangle and be who you are, everybody else is taken ? ( Emotional wellness and happiness is a brighter shade of pale )

  2. Peer pressure, starting in elementary school, contributes heavily into a child’s self-image. With social media and teachers pushing radical agendas, many children believe that they have to join in or, at least, cheer on the latest fad. Including body-changing chemicals just adds fuel to the fire. Strange thoughts or feelings that have never been encountered before suddenly become symptoms of the latest trend.

    This will not end well for many, many confused children. And, the adults pushing this are to blame.

  3. Mass hysteria and Gestalt are well known means by which societies rapidly adopt new narratives and cultural norms. Yes, some medications, or other environmental factors are likely contributory, but I would be surprised if they’re the core root cause. That is because adults in power are the ones driving this trend and they would not be impacted by medications to push for others to become transgendered or gay. What we know from recent history is that the Democrats, who are pushing the transgender agenda, have used the playbook of minority disadvantage to guilt the majority into giving up their perspective as an act of moral rectitude. Unfortunately, the perspective they are giving up is accurately assessing reality. In this way, the majority is made uncertain and insecure, thus relying on their leaders to tell tell them what’s real and what is not. The fact that transgendered people amount to 3% of the population shows that Democrats have to find smaller and smaller minorities to use as their narrative controlling tools because more and more of previously disenfranchised people were happy with their lives. IMO, it is time that the majority regains the courage to claim what they know to be true as fact and return our major institutions into places where critical independent thinking is the norm.

  4. The road to transgender obsession is the same as the road to any addiction. It begins with interest, graduates to fixation, then compulsion, then addiction. The media and pop culture arouse interest, and social media has been the not-so secret sauce as far as promoting people through the subsequent steps.

    The people who are the most vulnerable are those who are the most compulsive. In young people, this means children and adolescents who on the spectrum or close to the spectrum, kids with low self-esteem, and those who have suffered abuse.

    As far as I am concerned, the transgender movement is one of the most despicable in our society, since it preys on the people most in need of direction, and makes their lives so much worse.

  5. Hollywood, LGBTQ Activists, and the Media are pushing this agenda. It is obvious that there are a lot of avenues that children are being indoctrinated, same culprits listed above as well as school systems, and a ridiculous psychiatric army out there that has tried their best to come up with a false syndrome for all this stuff as well. This started back in the 60’s and early 70’s when that doctor wrote that stupid book about raising children, I think his name was Salk. This is just another end result of the lack of listening to the quacks all these years.

  6. One thing that really disgusts me is the American Psychological Association’s stance to tell a person to embrace gender dysmorphia. Instead of doing a thorough psychological study of the individual to determine their actual mental state, they just prescribe hormone replacement and body mutilation, ignoring the fact that the percentage of transgenders committing suicide is the same, 40%, whether they have all the surgeries or not, whether they have support from their loved ones or not. I’m not even saying these people aren’t really transgender. But they have multiple underlying mental issues, and to tell them taking estrogen and chopping your dick off will solve it all, means you don’t really care about these people, you just want to sell enough poison to them before they kill themselves to make a little profit.

  7. The schools and media are seeping kids with this ideology. I PERSONALLY know of 2 girls who consider themselves “trans boys,” but—brace yourself—are attracted to *real* boys. Know what both of these girls (who never met each other) consider themselves? GAY boys! Transgenderism is being manufactured by an outside force and it’s preying upon the young and confused. Even kids who have not fallen victim to this mindset accept the lifestyle.

    1. I agree. There is probably some sort of unseen outside force promoting some hidden agenda. Looking for the truth begins with answering the question, where is the money coming from? Rx? Other?

  8. No one is looking into it because studies are mainly financed by those who have some kind of interest in the result. So would Big Pharma, pesticide manufacturers, big corporations manufacturing plastics and cosmetics with chemical estrogens funnel money into studies that ask why this might be happening……….. doesn’t seem likely unless it can be shown all these chemicals have no effect on developing minds and bodies.

  9. Cutting to the chase: This is all part of social engineering 4.0. Transhumanism is the desired goal. Molding the humans via surgeries and dismembering the human body is merely the first stage of the gradual hybridization of homo saps. [Dr Mengele was a pioneer.] The attitude of the psychopathic megalomaniacs is in evidence and is in plain sight if we wish to consider what Schwab and Harari have written and taught to their minions. We non-club members are to think of ourselves as hackable animals. Eat crickets and devolve into some type of mindless automaton. Easier to manage slaves, and they maintain control of land rights.

  10. To embrace transgenderism a society must throw out thousands of years of social mores, common sense, and common decency. The small number of people with gender dysmorphia can easily be accommodated and given the medical care and support they need without turning society upside down. When we end women’s sports, allow men in women’s and young girl’s private spaces such as locker rooms, bathrooms, and gyms we are traveling a truly evil path to chaos and unnecessary pain and suffering. In the name of transgenderism, women no longer exist, and the progressives and liberals have a new DEI category in which to bludgeon society into submission and destruction. It’s here now and it must be defeated. Yes, care for those with gender dysmorphia, but no to the destroying of the country.

    1. I’m a transgender person and I do not want to see society upended the way it is. There were rules and protocols and procedures that people could use to integrate back into society but that’s all been tossed aside and now people are being told to accept certain things or else. That’s insane. That’s now what a democratic people, that’s what totalitarians do.

  11. The most bizarre social phenomenon of the last 50 years is the left’s sudden obsession with transgenderism, transforming it from a fringe phenomenon that most people rarely thought about to a central preoccupation of society. We now have drag queen shows for pre-schoolers all over the country; we have school districts introducing discussions of sexual identity in the lower elementary grades; we have the medical profession condoning allowing pre-teens to make life-changing decisions about surgeries and hormone treatments based on whims that could change at any moment, even without parental knowledge or consent. It is demonic.

  12. They said the same about homosexuality.
    They compared it to being black.
    They INSISTED they are born that way.
    They claimed a rise in homosexuality (it remains at 1 to 2 %).
    They work on the emotions and the lemmings follow suit.
    It’s disgusting and infuriating!

  13. Are transsexuals medical consumers may be another question worth exploring. D0 these people experience gender metamorphosis or do they purchase gender reassignment services? (surgical/hormonal, etc.) Are people who surgically have their fat removed transfat? Are men who buy hair replacement services transbald? Are women who buy breast reduction or augmentation surgical services transbreast? Are people who alter their appearance via plastic surgery transcend who they were? In any case its a new revenue stream for surgeons, lawyers and, advocates

  14. I hope you don’t mind me weighing in as a transgender person, but I think what I have to say may resonate with some folks. First let me state upfront my thoughts on transgenderism

    1). It’s real whether you wish it were or not.
    2). However, it’s very rare
    3). Going through this process requires life experience. A child or a teen does not have that capability to make this determination because they lack the life experience.
    4), It’s something that people hold inside until they can no longer function in society. They are frozen over this one thought, an all consuming thought.

    When I went through my transition 25 years ago there was were a few young people going through the process, but I could count on one hand the number of teenage transgender kids in the entire country never mind a single school. Over the years activists have brow beaten the medical and mental health profession over bad things that happened in the past:

    1). Many mental health professionals and doctors had a long history of abusing people seeking treatment for transgender issues
    2) Activists used this to beat down doctors to ignore protocols and procedures that had been in place for a long time. These protocols insured that only the right people end up on the surgery table, not just anyone.
    3). Instead of a compromise to end questionable medical practices the activists demanded unfettered access to drugs and surgeries, negative outcomes be damned.
    3). Doctors feeling guilt over the bad things they did acquiesced and thus began what we see today, rubber stamping all treatment.
    4). A doctor or mental health professional who questions someone stating they are not transgender is labelled transphobic and that is counter productive to making sure that people who really need this treatment receive it. The doctors and therapists then suffer professionally for this. This also needs to stop.

    Here is where I stand on the issues:
    * I do not believe that a young teenage person understands what it means to be transgender because they are being prodded into this. It’s no longer a conclusion that someone comes to, it’s being forced.
    * Theses young people are being completely misled by schools, administrators, ‘golf clapping’ LGBT allies, peer pressure, ‘the next new thing celebrities’, activists, etc
    * They are making decisions that they do not understand by people who are completely untrained in psychology.
    * We are going to have a crisis in this country within a generation of people who went through all of the transgender procedures and end up committing suicide or detransitioning back which is technically impossible.
    * So many people are going to be lost because these activists prodded people along. These same activists will deny any responsibility in this preventable suicide or detransition crisis they themselves created.

    Over the years I have met many people who have detransitioned. I offered them my ear to talk to. Many attempted to contact therapists who hung up the phone. Surgeons hung up the phones. Their stories of regret are routinely deleted from online which to me is the biggest tragedy because that data point of a negative outcome is scrubbed. So I offered to talk to folks some of whom were suicidal over their own gender transition. I’ve the seen the good, I’ve seen the bad. I’ve seen people go through the process and come out the other side, happy, functioning members of society. I’ve seen people who are at their wits end as well. Unresolved issues while they plowed ahead demanding surgeries because the activists cheered them on to do it. The transgender activist community that I loathe even though I’m technically part of is because of this activism, this golf clap acceptance “Oh you’re so brave. You’re so handsome. You’re so pretty. You’re going to have a wonderful life after the operation”. Sorry but I refused to just be a sidelines golf clapper for someone who wasn’t trans or was going to end up making a huge mistake. If people asked me for help and some have I gave it to them straight up, the good and the bad. People need to hear that.

    In the last 20 years or so the transgender community has been taken over by left wing activists who are no more transgender than my smartphone. They have expanded this umbrella so that more and more people now fit into the ‘transgender’ umbrella. Heck just breathing is enough for them. At the same time some very sick people have moved under the transgender umbrella and are now being protected by these same left wing activists who claim to care. A man who is 40 and says ‘I’m actually a 13 year old girl and therefore I want to take showers with 13 year old girls’ is not a transgender. That is a pedophile. The reason why the left is protecting the pedophiles is because they are now under the LGBT umbrella, therefore untouchable and beyond reproach. This has not gone unnoticed by the ‘normal’ people in the LGBT community. Many of us are pushing back as hard as we can on this pedophilia acceptance.

    So to answer the question posed:

    1). Transgender is real
    2). Right now it’s a manufactured crisis
    3). Some very bad people are using this ‘protection’ from the left to do bad things to children

    In conclusion I do not believe that this trend is going to persist in the long run because it’s going to burn itself out but not before it takes a lot of lives down the drain with it.

    Hope that helps!

  15. The “transgender” fad is a natural outgrowth of moral relativism. If there is no objective reality, there is no fixed biological sex, and thus, no Natural Law, no rules of life and no God.

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