IG: Military Illegally Denying Covid Vaccine Religious Exemptions (Podcast)

In a landmark decision, the Defense Dept. IG has ruled the Pentagon is illegally denying Covid-19 vaccine religious exemptions. Attorney Davis Younts has the IG’s memo and the news.

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4 thoughts on “IG: Military Illegally Denying Covid Vaccine Religious Exemptions (Podcast)”

    1. I mention this, Sharyl, because I’ve never seen so much as a peep from conservatives about this blatant and unfair discrimination. By failing to make this point, religious conservatives are implying that non-religious people have inferior rights. This is akin to the illiberals (as I call them out of respect to actual liberals like Glenn Greenwald and Robert Kennedy Jr.) censoring anyone who disagrees with them because people who hold certain political beliefs deserve lesser rights.

    2. I TOTALLY agree!! We still do not know what these so-called “vaccines” are really for since they obviously do not protect against infections. Forcing them on ANYONE is criminal. Does anybody remember the Nuremburg trials?

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