Inside NATO and why it matters to us

Russia President Putin cited Ukraine’s potential membership in NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, as part of the justification for the current war.

Full Measure gets an exclusive look inside NATO’s Allied Air Command Center

What was he so concerned about? And is Ukraine going to join the western military alliance?

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll take you on an exclusive trip inside NATO Allied Air Command at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

We’re the first US crew allowed inside the command center that was built especially to coordinate air operations related to the Russia-Ukraine war.

The visit unearthed fascinating insight on why Ukraine was never imminently going to join NATO, and what makes Putin so concerned about the balance of military power in his part of the world.

NATO Allied Air Command at Ramstein Air Base, Germany

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1 thought on “Inside NATO and why it matters to us”

  1. The NATO group may be better defined as the National Arms Trade Org. Too many of our tax dollars fund nasty gun and missile contracts and scathing money laundering ops involving death dealers. I’d like to see more mainstream journalists tackle the topics that resulted in Gary Webb’s early retirement–and yet I understand the individual’s will to survive.

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