Hospitals scaling back care 

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Hospital Review.

Several hospitals are scaling back services for a variety of reasons, including financial challenges and staffing issues. 

1. ShorePoint Health Venice (Fla.) is no longer offering emergency services. The 312-bed hospital, part of Franklin, Tenn.-based Community Health Systems, permanently closed its emergency department on Aug. 29 before ending other services. ShorePoint Health said the hospital will close on Sept. 22. 

2. Cleveland-based University Hospitals is scaling back care at two hospitals and consolidating services. The health system ended inpatient, surgical and emergency services at UH Bedford (Ohio) Medical Center and UH Richmond Medical Center in Richmond Heights, Ohio, on Aug. 12. The health system attributed the changes to a staffing shortage.

3. HCA Florida Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville, Fla., announced in August that it closed its inpatient pediatric unit. The hospital cited several reasons for the closure, including the shift to outpatient pediatric treatments and remote monitoring. 

4. Hazel Crest, Ill.-based Advocate South Suburban Hospital ended labor and delivery services on Aug. 1. The hospital cited a decline in births as the reason for the change in obstetric services, with a 40 percent decrease since 2015. 

5. Davis Regional Medical Center in Statesville, N.C., plans to eliminate most patient services by the end of the year as it transitions to a specialty hospital focused on inpatient behavioral healthcare. The hospital closed its emergency department on Aug. 24. 

Continue reading here to see full list of hospitals.

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6 thoughts on “Hospitals scaling back care ”

  1. When a health insurance executive was asked about increased expense drivers during “covid”, he claimed it was worried moms dragging their kids into ER if they even had the slightest sniffles.

    Covid hysteria ginned up by the Demorats and amplified by the Media, not “covid the bug” itself, accelerated huge increase in health care costs and we will now all be paying for that.

  2. Business down? No customers? Too many people realize how easily their doctors can be corrupted by government. How they’re not in the business to fix you, they’re in the business of making you a repeat customer. Maybe to the cardiac wing for the first time.
    I’ll never voluntarily or consciously enter a hospital again. They’ve proven they’re not to be trusted.

  3. It has to be tough on hospitals ER’s when most of the illegal immigrants use them as their healthcare and then never pay the bills. Same for Obstetrics since they seem to be having more children than other races. I know they pass the cost on to us when they can. It will only get worse.

  4. I use to work for University Hospital Systems in the mid 1990’s when they started to buy up all the local hospitals. Economy of scale. My background is healthcare biotechnology chemistry business employment labor law. A wide assortment of education. Government regulations, Medicare Medicaid reduced reimbursement’s, declining nursing and medical shortages started in the 1990’s and afraid the issue was never properly addressed. Then Covid-19 hit. Vaccine mandates and we lost very experienced medical professionals. My knowledge in the healthcare biotechnology is deep and wide and watched this horror show unfold.

  5. Biden’s open borders will put even more financial strain of healthcare facilities. There is only so much more they can charge paying customers to subsidize those with no insurance. More ER’s will close. This also affect maternity wards. These “border crossers” will have their anchor babies here and stick the stupid gringos with the bill.
    I worked for a behavioral health facility here in Texas that closed due to COVID, and the fact that mental health is not re-imbrued well. The parent company, took the COVID money from the government, and left this area without inpatient care for child and adolescents.

  6. Curious about actual profits by hospitals during “plandemic”.

    We are finding the only lies perpetuated are owned by the taxpayer’s government.
    Independent studies show Vitamin D supplementation actually lessened hospitalization.
    Brazil studies show Ivermectin did work, while MSM vilified it as horse vaccine.

    Low information citizens are clueless.

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