NATO, Power Problems & Digital Currency Wars

Why is Russia President Putin so worried about the military alliance, NATO? And what role to NATO and the US have in the current Russia-Ukraine conflict?

Sunday on Full Measure, an exclusive look inside NATO Allied Air Command. We’re the first American crew allowed into the headquarters at Ramstein Air Base in Germany where we speak to a German General and a US official about the mission and the current status of the fight.

Sharyl at NATO Allied Air Command at Ramstein Air Base, Germany

You might be surprised by the answer when I asked if Russia is posing any threat to the rest of the world.

Also Sunday, Scott Thuman examines some vexing power problems in the US as America continues to struggle with how to transition to more green energy but keeps facing hard realities.

And there’s another national security concern with China on the horizon: government-backed digital currency. We’ll explain.

See you Sunday!

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