(POLL) Most Americans not sold on electric cars

The federal government is continuing to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to promote electric vehicles, but most Americans still view them as impractical.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The polling shows only 28% of American adults think electric cars are practical for most drivers.

Fifty-four percent (54%) say they think electric cars are not practical, while 18% say they are not sure.

The findings have changed very little from March

The Department of Transportation plans to spend nearly $5 billion in taxpayer money over five years to help states create a network of electric vehicle charging stations. In the past, the government has spent tens of billions of dollars promoting electric cars.

However, 69% of Americans say they believe it is likely that most cars will still run primarily on gasoline a decade from now, including 37% who say it is “very likely” gasoline-powered automobiles will still be the norm in 10 years.

Only 23% consider it “unlikely” that most cars will still be powered by gasoline in 2032.

For more survey results click here.

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9 thoughts on “(POLL) Most Americans not sold on electric cars”

  1. We will run out of lithium to make the batteries for both new and exiting EV’s long before we run out of fossil fuel, and the environmental damage caused by lithium mining is not negligible..

  2. Range anxiety and repair/replacement costs.

    All for for zero benefit for the “environment”. Personal cars do not contribute that much to any possible iteration of “global warming”. Sun spots are more of a hazard.

    Anyone who has rechargeable hearing aids, know when they lose their charge, nothing is going to help unless you carry your recharging system and electric outlet with you 24/7. Dead as a door nail and no simple battery replacement will help. You have to have your equipment, find an outlet charge and wait.

    That is pretty much the story about EV- terribly unreliable if you face and emergency or are low before a power outlet. You then become a prison of your own car rathe than it being a medium of your freedom and escape.

  3. The government has determined that the only acceptable form of transportation will be lithium ion battery powered vehicles. Governments always have the resources and keen insight to determine the best consumer products. Just look at the great cars produced in the Soviet Union.

    Of course, now the government simply mandates type of powertrain and hands out tax credits in the hope that a miracle will happen rather than the present situation in California where people are asked to not charge their EVs.

  4. It’s because you have to replace those batteries every 5 years or so..Converting Hydrogen to New Fuels would have been the best answer because all kinds of water can be converted to hydrogen, you don’t need heavy hydrogen atoms only from salt water, as some think.Sharyl ? I’m planning on copyrigjting a past New expression for Mass Energy equivalency in the Universe I once told president Obama I discovered earlier in life about recorded in a email to the White house.( Poor man’s copyright proof ) So you big tech bad people that has been capturing my devices past user info don’t be using or trading my past info typed idea about my Formula idea for Mass Energy expressions in the Universe…

  5. Unless materials costs decrease dramatically, the average American family cannot AFFORD an EV. Not many are going to be willing to take on a ten year note to save the planet. Moreover, EVs will NEVER be practical in the cold weather climates of Alaska and the Northhern US states. The Progressives will destroy the US auto industry in the process, In ten years, unless these pie-in-the-sky policies are reversed, the US auto scene will look like Cuba’s where FFVs continue to soldier on for decades pst their due dates….

  6. All those thousands of roadside chargers the government is building will have weeds growing around them and broken from vandalism and misuse never to be repaired.

  7. Just wait until they start taxing your electric bill. They tax you at the pump for road taxes. Electric cars aren’t paying that and they are also getting subsidized by other Americans for driving one.

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