(READ) IG: Military illegally denying religious exemptions for Covid vaccine

  • The military “reviewed” and denied 4,500 applications for religious exemptions in one 90 day period
  • Federal law and policies require individualized reviews
  • Read the IG’s memo at the end of this post

In a landmark finding, the Inspector General (IG) for the Defense Dept. has found that the Pentagon has been illegally issuing blanket denials of Covid-19 vaccine religious exemptions.

Federal law and policies require individualized reviews and consideration of such applications made by military troops. But the IG found no such reviews were provided.

Instead, the IG says, religious exemption applications have been met with wholesale denials without meaningful reviews.

The IG says its hotline received “dozens of complaints” about the problem. The IG’s review found that “the volume and rate at which decisions were made to deny requests is concerning.” According to the findings, approximately 4,500 requests for exemptions were denied in one three month period.

Courts have issued injunctions to stop mandatory Covid-19 vaccination in all military branches except the Coast Guard and Army, according to attorney R. Davis Younts. Younts represents a number of military clients, and recently won a determination that it is unlawful for the military to mandate the current experimental Covid-19 vaccine that is not a formulation that received FDA approval. However, there are reports of forced vaccination among troops still being carried out, under threat of dismissal.

Military Covid vaccine mandates continue to be on the books despite the fact that CDC has now conceded those who have had Covid should be treated the same as those who are vaccinated. Numerous scientific studies have found that natural immunity through infection is more enduring and effective than the vaccines, which have turned out to prevent neither infection nor illness. Additionally, scientists say young and healthy people are at extremely low risk of serious illness from Covid. But the vaccines are reported to elevate a myriad of risks, including heart issues among young people.

Reasons for religious exemption requests vary, says Younts. They include the objection that some Covid vaccine development used cells from aborted human fetuses.

(T)he volume and rate at which decisions were made to deny requests is concerning… an average of 50 denials per day were processed over a 90-day period. Assuming a 10-hour work day with no breaks or attention to other matters, the average review period was about 12 minutes for each package. Such a review period seems insufficient to process each request in an individualized manner…”

Defense Dept. Inspector General

Despite the IG’s findings, there is no public indication the Defense Dept. has taken steps to follow the law or correct the allegedly unlawful exemption denials.

This week’s Sharyl Attkisson podcast, to be posted the afternoon of Tues. Sept. 13, will feature details and an interview with attorney Younts.


Read the IG memo and findings below.

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