Republican Senator seeking answers re: YouTube’s censorship of his content

The following is an excerpt from Just The News.

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson wants YouTube to explain the origins of its Covid-19 disinformation policies after the video giant twice censored him for his positions on pandemic policy.

In a letter to CEO Susan Wojcicki, Johnson asserted that the company had “suspended [him] twice for advocating for the early treatment of Covid-19, opposing vaccine mandates for children and workers, and advocating for the vaccine injured.”

The senator then provided Wojcicki with a timeline of five major instances in which the platform either removed content from his channel related to Covid-19, suspended his account directly, or suspended journalists who posted interviews with him discussing the pandemic.

Read more here about the information Sen. Johnson requested from YouTube.

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1 thought on “Republican Senator seeking answers re: YouTube’s censorship of his content”

  1. You can only hope he can have them for his Constitutional right of free speech!
    Perhaps even interfering in his political campaigning!
    Time will tell.

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