The Border Crisis, Securing Schools & The Haircut Economy

The US Southern Border has never been in such crisis. Ever.

Sunday on Full Measure, we’re back. And we debut our eighth season with an eye-opening trip to the worst hotspot where more illegal immigrants are entering, and more are dying while making the harrowing journey, than anyone has ever seen: Eagle Pass, Texas.

I’ll hear from illegal immigrants, border agents, and local officials. On this topic, both Democrats and Republicans who live and work along the US-Mexico border, and are dealing with the chaos daily, see eye-to-eye.

Also Sunday, Scott Thuman has a fascinating look at one solution to the disturbing question of how to make America’s schools safer from those who would attack.

And what does the cost of a haircut tell us about the economy? Find out from Lisa Fletcher.

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2 thoughts on “The Border Crisis, Securing Schools & The Haircut Economy”

  1. Love the show. Looking forward to the new season. You need to expand to 60 minutes. More of a good thing is a good thing

  2. All Illegal Aliens need to be processed and deported immediately. If caught again invading into the United States never ever allowed asylum. All babies born from non American citizens should not become citizens. Treat all humanely but deport all. In 10 years if nothing changes the United States poorest communities will remain poor with high crimes. Or send 5 million to Delaware, Rhode Island, Maine, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska. Give southern states a break.

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