10 ‘Must See’ Full Measure stories

I’ve stayed busy investigating and reporting on some of the hot button issues that voters, both Democrats and Republicans, say are most important to them.

Watch a selection of ten Full Measure TV cover stories at the links below. You’ll see Democrats, Republicans, and nonpartisans all weighing in on the issues.

The Tenderloin: Inside San Francisco’s violent and crime-ridden Tenderloin District, where residents say police and other city authorities allow it to be an open air drug dealing and vice market.

Education Crisis: Looking at the explosion in home schooling and what’s driving so many American families out of public schools.

Amish Approach to Covid: The story the medical and political establishment tried to censor: What happened when the Amish declined to follow the public health recommendations on Covid?

Soft on Crime: Investigating Republican allegations that Democrats and Soros-elected prosecutors are soft on crime.

Green Energy Crisis: As Europe’s green energy plans fall apart, what should the US be learning?

Science Wars: Examining censorship in the name of science, and the crackdown on scientific freedom.

United States of Weed: Why pot advocates say the legalization isn’t workout out as they’d hoped.

When Clean Energy– Isn’t: The hard truth when it comes to going clean and green.

Reparations: Exploring the question of whether white people who never owned slaves should pay black people who never met one.

The Border Crisis: What’s really going on along America’s southern border?

And to binge watch my cover stories, which feature old-fashioned, fair, straight, news reporting, click here.

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