A famous doctor explains how the Covid shot may have made his cancer worse

The following is an excerpt from The Atlantic.

On September 22 of last year, Michel Goldman, a Belgian immunologist and one of Europe’s best-known champions of medical research, walked into a clinic near his house, rolled up his sleeve, and had a booster shot delivered to his arm. He knew he’d need it more than most.

Just a few weeks earlier, Michel, 67, had been to see his younger brother, Serge, the head of nuclear medicine at the hospital of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, where both men are professors. Michel was having night sweats, and he could feel swollen lymph nodes in his neck, so his brother brought him in for a full-body CT scan.

When the images came through to Serge’s computer they revealed a smattering of inky spots, bunched near Michel’s left armpit and running up along his neck. It was cancer of the immune system—lymphoma.

Given his own area of expertise, Michel understood this meant he’d soon be immunocompromised by chemotherapy. 

Having received two doses of Pfizer the prior spring, Michel quickly went to get his third.

If he was about to spend months absorbing poison as he tried to beat a deadly cancer, at least he’d have the most protection possible from the pandemic.

Within a few days, though, Michel was somehow feeling even worse. His night sweats got much more intense, and he found himself—quite out of character—taking afternoon naps. Most worryingly, his lymph nodes were even more swollen than before.

He conferred with Serge again, and they set up another body scan for September 30, six days before Michel was scheduled to start his cancer treatment. 

The pictures showed a brand-new barrage of cancer lesions—so many spots that it looked like someone had set off fireworks inside Michel’s body. More than that, the lesions were now prominent on both sides of the body, with new clusters blooming in Michel’s right armpit in particular, and along the right side of his neck.

When Michel’s hematologist saw the scan, she told him to report directly to the nearest hospital pharmacy. He’d have to start on steroid pills right away, she told him.

Such a swift progression for lymphoma in just three weeks was highly unusual, and he could not risk waiting a single day longer.

As he followed these instructions, Michel felt a gnawing worry that his COVID booster shot had somehow made him sicker. His brother was harboring a similar concern.

The asymmetrical cluster of cancerous nodes around Michel’s left armpit on the initial scan had already seemed “a bit disturbing,” as his brother said; especially given that Michel’s first two doses of vaccine had been delivered on that side.

Now he’d had a booster shot in the other arm, and the cancer’s asymmetry was flipped.

The brothers knew this might be just an eerie coincidence. But they couldn’t shake the feeling that Michel had experienced what would be a very rare yet life-threatening side effect of COVID vaccination.

For a doctor who had spent four decades studying and advocating for new medicines, that feeling would unfold into many months of deliberation and self-doubt. 

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6 thoughts on “A famous doctor explains how the Covid shot may have made his cancer worse”

  1. TWO glaring omissions stand out! There was never ever ever any mention of the alternative medications to combat Covid! That fact alone nullifies the entire article but then again I would expect nothing less from the Atlantic and their bias reporting!
    It’s a garbage magazine that I unsubscribed to years ago.

    Secondly, when other doctors reporting seeing similar cases (Mount Sinai) that was those folks they actually saw! How many hundreds perhaps thousands of people know nothing about any of this let alone could ever afford and/or travel Mount Sinai? C’mon seriously? They based their conclusion on patients, they saw?

    Here’s what I based my opinion on . . . . a while back someone on Substack wrote an article about the rise in cancer and Covid injections! Regardless of what the article said HUNDREDS of people responded in the comment section to say they or a family member or friend, cancer had returned with a vehemence! I personally know of several people myself! PERSONALLY! Who are you going to beleive – the corrupt media or the actual public?

    That’s not even taking into consideration the late esteemed Dr. Zelenko who not only had cancer and ONE lung (in addition to I beleive heart trouble) and beat Covid using his own protocol! Yes, sadly he did unfortunately succumb to his cancer as he always knew he would but the article falsely and egregiously implies if you don’t TAKE the injection you’ll die frim Covid instead! BS!!!!

    As I always said, it’s not what they say it’s what they don’t SAY!!

    1. My 36 year old cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 months after giving birth to her 2nd child and getting vaccinated. Fortunately, she took my advice and at least waited until her baby was born before getting vaccinated. (The hospital was more than happy to vaccinate her right after giving birth, BTW.) Was the cancer already there and aggressively spread after the vaccine or did the vaccine actually cause the cancer? We will never know.

    2. My Brother died last week and my mother died 11 months ago. Both had been doing well with their cancer until the vaccines were forced on everyone.

  2. Along these same lines, I have a friend who had been to the doctor in the spring of 2021 for a regular checkup and had gotten a perfect bill of health. While there they were convinced to get the vaccine. Two weeks later they developed a cough but decided it was likely spring pollen. When it didn’t go away for a couple of months they went back to the doctor and found they had a lung tumor and cancer in a variety of other places. So they went from having perfect bloodwork in the spring to cancer and bloodwork levels all out of whack in just a few months after getting the vaccine. The doctor of course didn’t want to say it was the vaccine.

  3. my brother Philippe, athletic , had recovered very well from Lymph nodes.. 4 years. .ago…Then when the alarm , 3 years ago of codies…..he heard the word vax… went to get the shot ….lymphs nodes exploded ..blood clots… 2 months later he called me as he was dying to say good bye …. I never got that shot …to see all those little bottles on the news ..got me suspicious…
    I remember dr Mc Dougall saying

  4. I had breast cancer in 2017 with lumpectomy & radiation. 2 months ago I saw purple places on the radiated breast. Now I’m going for an MRI, Ultrasound & Punch Biopsy to rule out Angiosarcoma a rare aggressive form of breast cancer. I had the vaccine & 2 boosters, the last one was 2 years ago. I also found several articles by the NIH that states that vaccines, especially MRNa vaccines cause “Radiation Recall Phenomenon” — inflammation in an area of the body that was previously irradiated. One woman was radiated 66 years ago. I will NOT have any more MRNa vaccines!!!!!

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