Attkisson v. The Feds Over the Illegal Govt. Computer Intrusions (Podcast)

An update on and some memorable background about my current lawsuit against the government for its illegal computer intrusions before Full Measure, while I was a CBS News Investigative Correspondent.

Listen here.

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3 thoughts on “Attkisson v. The Feds Over the Illegal Govt. Computer Intrusions (Podcast)”

  1. Sharyl, you have the patience of “JOB”.
    I have been following your comments on your lawsuit, but for some reason thought the DOJ had succeeded in exceeding prolonging the case to nowhere.

    Thanks for the update.

    With hindsight, could you recommend to your listeners to: INSTALL A VPN ON YOU DEVICES.

  2. This Article and related other Massive Intrusion’s into my devices security and Anti-trust privacy violations as well as your devices, I really like my new other Microsoft Windows 11 security program installed. It warns me about Malicious activities Microsoft /HP laptop had pre-installed on my Device defying user privacy settings = many like Google in the registry files and O.S and other O.S. system services and hidden processes. Example; A pop up window alerts me in my system to Block or allow google who is hidden and in background trying to all of a sudden get and or collect user info, when I do not even have any google Apps showing up in my installed app hardware.. A few minutes ago i chose to block this activity, Violating my O.S. systems already set privacy administrative rights settings, thus throwing me under a Bus as well as all of you peoples devices, you don’t know about going on !.. And the other day in my Home it alerted me all of a sudden a Microsoft services program was trying to delete one of my history files.. It alerted me that it had just saved my file and blocked this activity and asked me if I wanted to keep blocking this ? I clicked on yes ? ( Microsoft system malicious Evil Giggling Hidden Minions of Lucifer, with fluttering eyebrows hiding in system background up to no good ? ) ” Why do all these people have to hide in background doing this kind of activity ? ‘ Reality activities that make the Federal Trade commission scratch there heads and ask why ? { Collecting Past History making Formula’s ??? }

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