Big Tech tampering in Lake v. Hobbs Arizona governor’s race

The following is a news analysis.

There’s been a lot of chatter about the Arizona governor’s race with Republican Kari Lake facing Katie Hobbs, a Democrat. One of the interesting facets of the race includes the fact that Hobbs, in her current position as Secretary of State, will be in charge of overseeing the process and fairness regarding her own race.

After clips were circulated from a remarkable Lake news conference this week, in which the former news reporter excoriated the news media, I wanted to find out more about this contest.

And what I found was that Big Tech is apparently once again putting its thumb on the scale in order to influence votes.

I did a simple Google search for “Kari Lake” hoping to come across the news conference and her campaign website.

But neither was returned on the search– just some basic information. Not what I was looking for.


I then tried a search under “Google News,” but got the same lack of results. I tried adding a few phrases and variations. Nothing led me to her campaign website or the news conference.

Then, I tried the same thing with Lake’s opponent. One search for “Katie Hobbs,” the Democrat, easily took me to her donation page, her campaign site, and her Secretary of State page.


For Kari Lake, I had slightly more luck when using Duck Duck Go. Using that search engine, it buried her campaign website a bit, but at least it was there as the seventh item.

Ultimately, I found the news conference I was looking for on Lake’s Rumble page. Here’s a link (below) if you’d like to watch it.

But I just told you a lot about what’s going on in this race. And why Lake is so angry at the media.

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16 thoughts on “Big Tech tampering in Lake v. Hobbs Arizona governor’s race”

  1. Thanks for your research on this Sharyl.
    IAs much as I hate to use the term, it sounds like it’s time to push a sort of “Fairness Doctrine” bill through congress…once we take the House and Senate, anyway.

  2. Rather than a fairness doctrine law, a subscription funded search engine might be a better approach long term.
    Ad supported search engines are not searching for your needs but for the needs of the advertisers or for some agenda. Useful return URLs may not equal or exceed those from a subscription funded search engine.
    While DuckDuckGo is what I frequently use, it is just massaged Bing results if I remember correctly.
    It is especially problematic to search for search engines. Who wants to recommend a competitor?

  3. This article and Naughty Big tech rigging stuff more, Not right goings on ? Then you can imagine also ? Example. I got this Android Google phone smart phone that’s really a crooked phone ? Tell us about it ? It came with a Google Chrome App that likes to misspell typed words to direct searches to like name Adult sites. Also some of the argumentuve reality and other reality settings are hidden when you first start using App then appear later to be able to shut off sharing ? Also noticed if I install Duck duck go App to better protect my privacy it transfers typed activity to the other Google Chrome App ? No way to uninstall Google Chrome App. Isn’t all this just like what a corrupt rigged lobbyist would do to people ?? I’d split up all these bad Big tech but’s making a mockery out of antitrust privacy rights so they can market everybody and steal personally and intellectual property Data Laundering ? …

  4. Big Tech and MSM just can help themselves. Sharyl your work has help open our eyes. Anyone paying attention can see the blatant manipulation going on. Slanting, smearing and outright lying is damaging trust and may be beyond repair.

  5. I haven’t used google in a long time, except (rarely) as a last resort. A few years ago I used and was happy, then DuckDuckGo came along and I used that until recently but I’ve found DDG is tampering with results also

    I’m leaning back towards dogpile, but I’ll also try some of the search engines listed in the comment section here.

  6. Last night I read about your Kari Lake searches being squelched by Big Tech
    Below is another example from today (10/30/2022)

    This morning I flipped on the TV and ran into a Fox & Friends interview with a sitting Congressman Waltz (a veteran) and 3 female veterans who were now GOP Congressional candidates, Congressman Waltz indicated that more info was available at “”.
    Big Tech squelched the GOP site but provide lots of NEGATIVE sites about GOP & Veterans in response to every variation that I searched… Looks like this might be a big IN-KIND Donation to the Democrats,

  7. I switched to the Swiss Cows search engine some time ago for this reason (possible Google sensorship), as well as to stop ads from “following me” due to Google selling my search data.

    When I search for Kari Lake on Swiss Cows, a link to her campaign site (“
    Official Kari Lake Campaign Website – Kari Lake For Arizona Governor”) shows up on the first page.

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