CENSORED: Dr. Joe Ladapo, Florida Surgeon General

Florida’s Surgeon General– Nigerian born, Harvard-educated researcher Dr. Joe Ladapo– has been on the forefront of Covid-19 information, vaccine effectiveness, and vaccine adverse events. He has stepped forward with accurate information and scientific questions amid widespread and proven disinformation from the federal government and some public health officials.

For being off narrative, Ladapo has found himself the subject of propaganda attack campaigns, smears, and attempts to censor and silence him.

Recently, based on data involving heart deaths in men under age 40 after Covid-19 vaccination, Ladapo recommended that population not get the vaccine.

His recommendation, which he supported with scientific data and analysis (unlike many public health recommendations related to Covid in recent years), was censored by Twitter.

Twitter later reinstated the tweet.

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5 thoughts on “CENSORED: Dr. Joe Ladapo, Florida Surgeon General”

  1. Carolyn,
    When enough of the voting population learns to read instead of watching TV as their news source. Have a nice life, Jack L.

  2. How can Dr. Ladapo not be on GETTR or Truth or an alternative social media? There is no way I will go to Twitter to subscribe to him.

  3. To: Sharyl Attkisson and others,

    I applaud your bravery in spite of evil censorship. I ask you here to please consider helping us in anyway you can. Any collaboration will be appreciated.
    We are working on a cure for Sickle Cell Anemia and Thallasemia; we are being oppressed by big pharma, government and evil media censorship. Please see links below. Thank you.






    Carl Segvich – San Rocco Therapeutics, consultant

    [email protected]

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