(CENSORED) Google censors factually accurate info about Covid and Donald Trump at SharylAttkisson.com

The following is a news analysis.

One way Big Tech can control the information people get is through its “AdSense” service.

Under Google AdSense, websites like SharylAttkisson.com can defray a small part of operating costs by allowing Google to rotate ads into spaces on the site. The website operator receives a small payment based on number of visits or clicks.

To learn about more censored people and topics, click the CENSORED tab at the top of this page.

But when Google wants to censor content, it flags pages on these sites and demands they be taken down, or else Google ads cannot be posted. If that happens, the site loses its ability to easily monetize or earn some funds from visits.

Google has improperly flagged more than 50 of my articles, and demanded they be taken down.

What do the censored articles have in common?

Anything that accurately reports on Covid-19 vaccine side effects and related issues; and articles that do not shed Donald Trump in a false or negative light.

So we can conclude that whoever is calling the shots at Google is doing it on behalf of pharmaceutical and anti-Trump interests, which may be one and the same.

I will not remove the articles. Therefore, my site is demonetized.

I’ll be listing the articles below (adding to the list periodically) so that you can see and share the information that powerful interests are working hardest to suppress.

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Donation or not, please feel welcome to view and share all the articles I write or post. It’s never been more important to fight censorship.

#1 Google AdSense -censored: Factual article not in dispute that objectively recounts information strictly from a government database on Covid vaccine adverse events. Nonetheless, Google de-monetized my article as “dangerous or derogatory content.” Please share link to fight censorship.


#2 Google AdSense -censored: Factual article on Covid origins that includes arguments on both sides, and information with the actual scientific and source citations and supporting documents. Nonetheless, Google de-monetized my article as “unreliable and harmful claims.”


#3 Google AdSense -censored: Factual article based entirely on government documents. The events recounted are not in dispute. Nonetheless, Google de-monetized my article as “unreliable and harmful claims.” Please share link to fight censorship.


#4 Google @AdSense -censored: Factual timeline of documented collusion against Trump. The listed events are not disputed. Nonetheless, Google de-monetized my article as “dangerous or derogatory.” Please share link to fight censorship. Please share link to fight censorship.


#5 Google Adsense -censored: Factual accounting of my lawsuit progress over govt. computer intrusions. The listed events are undisputed. Nonetheless, Google de-monetized the article as “unreliable/harmful claims.” Please share link to fight censorship.


#6 @Google @AdSense -censored: Factual summary of the documentary “2000 Mules,” which is fully accurate and attributed. Nonetheless, Google demonetized as “unreliable and harmful claims.” Please share link to fight censorship.


#7 @Google @AdSense -censored: This is a direct excerpt from Becker’s Hosp. Review, but Google demonetized it on SharylAttkisson.com as “unreliable and harmful claims,” along w/other factually accurate articles. Please share link to fight censorship.


#8 @Google @AdSense -censored: This includes findings from scientific studies that aren’t in dispute by anyone, such as Covid vax link to heart issues, yet Google de-monetized my article as “unreliable/harmful claims.” Please share link to fight censorship.


#9 @Google @AdSense -censored: Factually accurate article re: scientists concluding “Omicron likely came from a lab, too.” Even though it incl. scientific citations/links, it’s de-monetized as “unreliable/harmful.”


#10 @Google @AdSense -censored: Article excerpting Reuters article re: Europe’s heart warning on Novavax Covid vax. Though there’s nothing to dispute, article is de-monetized on my website as “unreliable/harmful claims.”


#11 @Google @AdSense -censored: Article excerpting accurate BBC report on death of news anchor after Covid vax. Even though there’s nothing in dispute, article is de-monetized on my website as “unreliable/harmful claims.” Share link to fight censorship.


#12 @Google @AdSense -censored: Undisputed account from CDC sr. scientist who says he/his colleagues trashed data showing vaccine/autism link in black boys. Article is de-monetized on my website as “unreliable/harmful.” Share link to fight censorship.


#13 @Google @AdSense -censored: A factually accurate article reporting on scientific paper showing rise in uterus disorders after Covid vacccine is de-monetized on my website, falsely, for “unreliable/harmful claims.” Please share link to fight censorship.


#14 @Google @AdSense -censored: Accurate article at SharylAttkisson.com about undisputed poll showing poor marks for Biden on immigration. But Google de-monetized as “harmful/ unreliable claims.” Share article, fight censorship! #ElectionInterference


#15 @Google @AdSense -censored: Article at SharylAttkisson.com about my Full Measure report with a social security whistleblower exposing fraud. The story is not in dispute, but Google de-monetized it as “harmful/unreliable claims.” Fight censorship. Share the link!


#16 @Google @AdSense -censored: Google censors article at SharylAttkisson.com that does nothing but excerpt NPR article: “Haven’t caught Covid? You may be a superdodger.” Google de-monetized my site as “harmful /unreliable claims.” Fight censorship.


(To be continued…)

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37 thoughts on “(CENSORED) Google censors factually accurate info about Covid and Donald Trump at SharylAttkisson.com”

  1. GEORGE fate Eady


  2. Founded and funded by those ever-luvin haters in Langley–the clowns created G00gle in order to control the “narrative.” The Pharmafia are cold-blooded killers and clearly care less for human health than the mega profits they extract from governments worldwide. If we ever have a legit global tribunal, all of these mafia kingpins will hang. Thank you for your work Ms Attkisson. You are a beacon of light during a very dark time of reassessing what is true vs the propaganda blizzard.

  3. Stephen Triesch

    Meanwhile, the EPA has released a study claiming that 17,000 Americans die every year due to “farm emissions,” presumably consisting mainly of the cow flatulence (methane) we’ve been hearing about. Methane is a trace element in the atmosphere. comprising a miniscule .00017%, or 1.7 parts per millions. Cow flatulence would account for only a portion of this tiny amount.

    To suggest that this is killing ANYBODY can only be an inference based on an assumption based on another inference based upon another assumption. In other words. you cannot point to a single actual person and claim with even a shred of evidence that farm emissions killed that person. Yet Googly will gladly circulate this nonsense and the MSM will uncritically report it.

  4. Allow big tech to continue as is, but change Section 230 to stop protecting those with a very, very powerful voice.

  5. Thank you Sharyl for your honest reporting. Keep it up. You are one of the very few we can actually trust what you write is true. Yes, keep shining that bright light of truth! God bless,protect and strengthen you. Prayers and many many thanks!

  6. Aloha Sheryl! Thank you, for standing up, for us, with the truth. I’m healthy, 68, thought I was a tough guy. I took the 2nd Moderna shot. Within 30 days, I got problems. All I can do, is keep praying. Don’t know, how long, this will last. Aloha!

  7. AdSense also runs perfectly repulsive imagery ads on conservative websites.

    Their intended effect is to make the viewer never want to go back to those conservative websites out of sheer disgust:: Toe nail fungus and bikini hair removal are just a few of the visual repulsive ads to discourage conservative viewership. .

    Democrats and their media friends can never stoop too low in their power-crazed need to take over the entire agenda.

    Use the AdSense feedback feature to report these ads as violent hate crimes. They will not give you the option to report them for sheer and intentional repulsiveness. But their intent is far more sinister – to block and discourage repeated viewership. I suspect these ads do not show up on their preferred liberal mocking bird websites.

    1. AdSense was also running the grotesquely repulsive “creepy red eyeball” add that has seared in my brain and I can’t get rid of it. This is intentional.

      There was nothing innocent about this ad, or its alleged marketing appeal. NO one would ever click on this ad for any reason whatsoever. It was intended only to scare people way from ever going to those conservative websites ever again.

      This form of underground “censorship” of conservative websites by repulsive images also needs investigation.

  8. When I first started my website, eons ago, we had a circle network. Several sites would pitch in and we put the html banner on the bottom of our sites and it cycled through. It was a way to advertise without dealing with Google. We need something like this again.

  9. When visiting our northern Michigan cottage, I’ve noticed that local tv affiliates that carry your television show regularly don’t broadcast it in its entirety! I thought it was simply a programming error the first instance, but it’s a regular occurrence.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about this problem. Can you please provide me with the call letters of the affiliate station in Michigan and the date and time that the program typically occurs. I will report issue to Sinclair Broadcasting. Thank you for your viewership and support!

  10. Let’s see — on the one hand is an award-winning journalist who wrote a textbook used in Journalistic education on how to do proper reporting and on the other hand … people skilled at making money and programming and catering to advertisers.

    Maybe the programmers should stick to programming and leave the journalistic accuracy and journalistic ethics question as out-of-their field of expertise.

    These corporations got rich catering to people. They are worse than slobbering dogs. All they do is cater. They create division. Feed people search results that tell them what they want to hear. Off course their expertise grows from their into giving corporations results that they want. If they had any interest in truth they wouldn’t segment search results according to political leanings etc.

    Americans living in bubbles. Dems and Republicans are in different High-tech bubbles. National and international issues are stuck in Bubbles favoring government. Search engine based on other search engine also said they would adhere to the national news bubble…

    Technology provides the opportunity to get more information. It also provides the opportunity to censor and corral and suppress.

    Remember the big tech companies have led the way in bubble creation… this has given them the expertise they need to create larger bubbles. Better Bubbles. The more people are split from each other — the less they understand each other.

    Maybe this is a skill employed by tech companies. Envisioned to build communities they may have drifted into Build Better Bubbles mode. All in the name of greater profits and lack of ethics when it comes to the truth. They don’t know what Truth is anymore. Long-standing issue though. Pilate asked Jesus “What is truth?” But he wasn’t really looking for an answer.

  11. Google and the rest are the interface of human behavior and how it can be manipulated. Censorship is a sign of manipulation of human perceptions and thus behavior. Thanks Sharyl for documenting the nefarious behavior of government including especially deep state.

  12. Really impressed with your miraculous patience Sharyl! Keep on keeping on! I hope you get satisfaction after the political Fox and goose chase.

  13. Microsoft is censoring Sharyl as well tried to find the 128 False Headlines about Trump. It did not come up in the search results. Got on this web sight and it was not on the Sharylattkisson.com. Goggle did at least let me find the article. A lesson in censorship.

  14. This article and most posters reply are right .When Big Tech is out of control hiding in background guilty of violating there own device privacy and user Anti-Trust laws settings in O.S. systems and Browsers “What could possibly go wrong in Anti- Trust laws ? Digital Prostitution Awareness and concerns ?

  15. the ‘establishment” — is what it is — and isn’t going to change even when heavily and properly criticized.

    the best response is to move away from ‘establishment’ services

    start by dumping msft. get a copy of MINT

    independent news-aggregate websites can effectively replace google. you might not make a bunch of money — but — honestly — that is not what this is about

  16. You need to see if you can get an interview directly with Sundar Pichai and see if he is aware and if he approves. Maybe he doesn’t realize he needs to clean house.

  17. Dear Ms. Attkisson,
    Would it be possible for you to set up a gabpay account so I can use it for contributing?
    Your work is amazing and I don’t know how you have time to continue it with all you continue to go through.

    1. I will ask my helper to look into it. Meantime, I appreciate your moral support and sharing of articles that many in media are trying to censor.

  18. If you use an ad blocker add-in with your browser, be sure to disable it on Sharyl’s website! This story reminded me to do so and I just did. Support Sharyl and her sponsors.

  19. First off keep on telling the truth Sheryl, fewer and fewer people are willing to do that today, so thank you for the truth telling.

    Build Back Better, along with Wokeism is just another term for Neo Marxism. One of the most important ways to bring forth this New World Order is to do away with or infringe as much as possible on our God given rights. The Neo Marxist along with its followers the Useless idiots, have progressively been accomplishing the tearing down of our Republic since its founding. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech no matter how much you dislike the speech, the right to bear arms protects all of our freedoms and liberty, to give it up because bad people have guns or so called Assault Weapons look mean is no excuse to constantly infringe upon our rights. It’s said that if you let the Government protect the Sahara Desert, within a short span of time there would be no sand, or another saying is, you give the State an inch and it will take a mile, I have a new one to add to that last one, you give the state a mile and they’ll take all the miles along with all roads. I guess it all adds up to stop worshipping the State, we were all supposed to be a voice in the State, but not anymore.

    It’s looking more and more like the so called authorities (TPTB) only want one side of any story to be told, there is no debate and without that, there is no liberty and freedom, that seems to be the goal today, to eradicate any semblance of liberty and freedom. The Constitution was for the People first, the States secondly and the Federal Government last, today that seems to almost be reversed and the people have become secondary to the almighty State. It’s really starting to seem as if the coup already took place, those with the power and money have finally taken control, and the little man with no power or money is now in no position to do much of anything other than to just comply or be crushed. Sorry to be so negative, but it seems that’s the way it is, anything else is smoke and mirrors. In today’s world if your opinion, values and morals does not fall into line, and you stickup too much, you will be attacked and if possible crushed.

  20. No different for me. I was banned from Youtube for providing alternate information about the Pfizer and Moderna injections, as well as information on IVM, with all references cited. For providing information, I was banned. Anyone could have disagreed with this information, but Google decided providing information with which they disagree is not allowed; such as stating from Pfizer’s own submission to the USA CDC that the Absolute Risk Reduction as a result of their injection is only 0.7%. They seem allergic to this one truth.
    Similarly, I was banned from Twitter for quoting a Merck statement and referencing the Merck website as the source. I then asked a question in the tweet. I personally provided no new information!!! I was banned for providing misinformation. If Musk can ever get ahold of this company, I might be invited back, who knows! This, and my experience with Google tell me that these organizations do not want open and honest discussion on any topic.

  21. Come to think of it Section 348 A is being shown off here and i demand that google stops this raid on our free speach ! I for one am a full owned and bred USA member!!!!

  22. Re: Covid, Censorship, and Fauci
    What you have written here is absolutely correct, but I also wanted to point out to you a new documentary on Fauci, based on Robert Kennedy, Jr’s book, that discusses the problems with him and his handling of Covid, HIV, etc. It is very enlightening. The link is https://www.therealanthonyfaucimovie.com/viewing/ It is currently free to watch Part 1 which is about 2 hours long, but well worth the time.

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