FBI Whistleblower; Distracted Driving; Measure of Happiness

Sunday on Full Measure, a remarkable interview you’ll only see on our program.

Sitting FBI Special Agent Stephen Friend is blowing the whistle on what he sees as wrongdoing inside his own agency.

Friend is one of at least a dozen FBI agents who have been taking their concerns to members of Congress. Their allegations range from political bias to retaliation for raising issues.

The FBI has been mired in controversy in recent years for issues including: its spending of time and money on the Trump-Russia collusion investigation that turned out to be based on political opposition research brought to the FBI by the Clinton campaign; an FBI attorney who got caught doctoring a wiretap document to spy on the Trump campaign; a recommended criminal charge against ex-FBI Director James Comey for mishandling documents in an effort to smear Trump (which the Dept. of Justice declined to prosecute Comey for); the FBI covering up the Hunter Biden laptop and falsely putting out the word that it was “Russian disinformation,” and more.

Friend says FBI managers have been financially incentivized through bonuses to bring a lot of domestic terrorism cases, even if there isn’t a real increase in the trend. He also says the agency has used unnecessarily heavy-handed tactics in investigating January 6 suspects and making arrests. And he says the FBI isn’t following its own policies in how it’s handling the cases.

FBI Special Agent Stephen Friend was part of the tactical team that arrested Gov. Whitmer kidnaping suspects

Watch the full interview Sunday.

Also in our program, Lisa Fletcher will have a fascinating story with demonstrations about the risks with autopilot driving.

Gallup’s Jon Clifton joins me with the eyeopening findings of a survey about happiness.

And we’ll update our reporting on the Biden administration’s controversial plan to use billions of tax dollars to wipe out student loan debt.

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  1. You and a few select others are our only hope to bring into focus the corruption we are now surrounded by and to save America from socialism, thanks so very much.

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