Do Your Own Research. Make Up Your Own Mind. Think For Yourself.

The following is a promotional post for The Sharyl Attkisson Store with proceeds benefiting independent journalism causes.

I first started using that slogan years ago. It encapsulates much of my advice in an increasingly managed information landscape.

Now you can show the world you’re an independent thinker while supporting independent journalism causes.

Visit The Sharyl Attkisson Store for products with thought-provoking slogans. You’ll find terrific gift ideas for people who value free thought and want to support the fight against censorship.

To date, I’ve contributed approximately $100,000 to good journalism and anti-censorship causes including The Sharyl Attkisson Independent and Original News (ION) Awards for professionals and for students, the University of Florida Freedom of Information (FOI) conference, The Brechner Center for Freedom of Informatoin, Project Censored, and more.

Visit by clicking here, or click on the “STORE” tab at the top of the site. And pass it on to your friends!

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1 thought on “Do Your Own Research. Make Up Your Own Mind. Think For Yourself.”

    I was fortunate to work for three really smart companies between the 70’s and 90’s and they all had big BIG slogans posted around the office.

    Sadly, today’s young adults rely on BIG TECH to “educate” themselves.

    Thanks for being a geat avenue for true journalism.

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