‘FBI managers get bonuses for domestic terrorism cases’ says FBI whistleblower Steve Friend

The following excerpt of a transcript is from Sharyl Attkisson’s interview with FBI whistleblower Special Agent Steve Friend.

Shary Attkisson:

When you say there are financial incentives for leadership to focus on domestic terrorism, do you mean they get bonuses if they bring cases?

Stever Friend:

Yes. They’re, the SES, the senior executive staff level, it’s beyond the GS14. Once you get into the GS15 level, there’s a compensation package that’s gonna be attached to that individual’s field office or whatever their responsibility is meeting certain metrics. And there’s a negotiation essentially back and forth between the SES and DOJ and federal government on, you know, what they deem to be good performance measures to meet. And the senior executive staff is gonna try to meet those measures because obviously it’s gonna benefit their financials.

Sharyl Attkisson:

So is it accurate to say the local FBI offices that brought January 6th cases probably saw financial benefit, at least the individual executives with the FBI in those offices?

Steve Friend:

Yes. Yes there was. And on top of that, even just for the field office in general, the national security side of the house within the FBI is a very deep bucket of, pool of funds. So if you are able to open up a full investigation for national security reasons, it’s not a secret that you’re gonna have more money thrown at it than you could possibly imagine, and without a tremendous amount of oversight. I’ve been in situations to cut a $30,000 check for surveillance without question [for domestic terrorism cases]. Whereas on my, you know, previous experience, it took years to get a jump drive given to me.

Sharyl Attkisson:

Is it accurate to say, as far as you know, there were not bonuses being given for child exploitation cases?

Steve Friend:

As far as I know there weren’t.

Note: Sharyl Attkisson asked the FBI for an interview and to comment on Friend’s claim that FBI executives get bonuses for meeting quotas or goals of domestic terrorism cases, but the FBI declined the interview request and offered no comment on the topic.

Watch Sharyl’s story about Steve Friend here or by clicking the link below.


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  1. Good job making the video so extremely difficult to download.

    Now, in a couple of years (or less), it’ll be erased from the Internet, just like they’re erasing everything else.

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