Lawyer foresees a flood of comp claims by Covid-19 vaccine-injured clients

The following is an excerpt from Just The News.

More than 7,000 claims have been filed alleging serious injury from Covid-19 vaccines as of Sept. 1, according to the most recent data from the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, which covers vaccines identified by HHS under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act, has yet to provide compensation for any of them. 

The vast majority of claims remain pending, but CICP has also rejected about three dozen applications for failure to provide “compelling, reliable, valid, medical and scientific evidence” that the injury was the “direct result” of a vaccine issued in the past year.

For those who don’t want to wait for a longshot payment from the feds — or for a fractious Congress to reform CICP — they may be able to find faster relief in their own backyard.

Lawyers nationwide are trading notes on how to represent vaccine-injured clients, and some are trying state workers compensation systems for clients with plausible Covid vaccine injuries who were coerced to take the jabs as a condition of employment.

“We’re trying to slot people into the right lawyers” for their specific vaccine issues, said Ohio-based Warner Mendenhall, who is also representing vaccine trial whistleblower Brook Jackson in a False Claims Act lawsuit against Pfizer and its contractors.

The workers comp route is attractive to lawyers because it’s relatively straightforward in every state and shouldn’t be preempted by the currently suspended federal vaccine mandate on large employers, Mendenhall said. 

The main problem is “people are really unaware” they can pursue such claims for coerced vaccine injuries and may wait too long to seek them, Mendenhall said.

He has to rush on behalf of clients to meet Ohio’s statute of limitations; one woman who lost her speech and mobility called him days after her claim expired.

The attorney is working with groups including the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, Children’s Health Defense and First Liberty Institute.

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6 thoughts on “Lawyer foresees a flood of comp claims by Covid-19 vaccine-injured clients”

  1. Good, the “vaccine” manufacturers need to be sued out of existence as well as every employer who mandated employees get them.

    The other onslaught of lawsuits I see coming will be against the “medical” workers and schools for their abuse of pushing and enabling the trans crazy.

    Hopefully we can change the laws so “judges” can be held accountable for their crimes in enabling both (and many other) areas

    1. The tragedy here is that the vaccine manufacturers are granted immunity. Otherwise, no pharmaceutical company would ever risk making vaccines.

  2. The CDC will be voting today to add this experimental injection to the childhood vaccination schedule, which if I understand correctly, exempts it from vaccine liability.

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