Moderna, Merck join forces to develop cancer vaccine

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Hospital Review.

Moderna and Merck entered an agreement Oct. 12 to develop, manufacture and sell personalized cancer vaccine candidates. 

The two drugmakers have been collaborators since 2016, but under the amended agreement, Merck will pay Moderna $250 million before the end of 2022’s third quarter. They will equally share costs and profits, according to a news release. 

Moderna’s vaccine candidate mRNA-4157/V940 is currently being tested in a phase 2 trial alongside Merck’s immunotherapy treatment Keytruda, which is approved to treat multiple cancers. 

Cancer vaccines tailored to one person, also called neoantigen vaccines, have previously shown positive results in small, preliminary trials, but the commercial market is about five years away from seeing them approved, researchers predict. 

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3 thoughts on “Moderna, Merck join forces to develop cancer vaccine”

  1. The same people that brought you a non-cure “vaccine” for Covid now claim to have a cure for cancer. It wouldn’t surprise me if the new shot has side effects like biscuit size tumors growing out the side of your neck……………AND causes COVID & AIDS. After the Scamdemic I don’t know how anybody could ever trust MURDER PHARMA again.

    1. very true. best friend was (unsuccessfully) treated for cervix cancer, early in 2020 and we got a 7-page explanation of what was in her medication: informed consent, anyone?

  2. My husband has glioblastoma~the deadliest brain cancer. I sure wish Big pharma could find something that would help, but I don’t trust them in the least! This is so hard on cancer patients; I wish they would quit messing around and actually CARE about people!

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