(POLL) Democrats like early voting more

While most voters will wait until Election Day to cast their ballot, half of Democrats say they’ll vote early this year.

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

The survey found that 44% of likely U.S. voters will vote early this year, while 53% plan to wait until Election Day.

Significantly more Democrats (50%) than Republicans (36%) plan to vote early this year.

Forty-five percent (45%) of voters unaffiliated with either major party say they’ll vote early.

Thirty-seven states now allow in-person early voting with no absentee ballot, and 73% of voters say they live in states where early voting is available. 

However, 20% are not sure if early voting is available in their state.

A majority of voters expect Republicans to win majorities in both the U.S. House and Senate in next month’s Midterm Elections.

Sixty-seven percent (67%) say it’s likely the GOP will win control of the House, including 38% who say a Republican majority is “very likely” in the House.

Fifty-eight percent (58%) think the Republicans will likely win control of the Senate, including 24% who believe it’s “very likely.”

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2 thoughts on “(POLL) Democrats like early voting more”

  1. IMO – voting on Election Day eliminates a lot of opportunities for error and fraud, less ballots lost in the mail, no ballot stuffing, no boxes of ballots showing up in the middle of the night, less human judgement about examining ballots. Sure absentee voting is necessary for some. I’d prefer a voting holiday, where you remove the barriers to in-person election voting. Let’s make it easier to vote on Election Day. It might help restore some integrity and trust to the process.

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