(POLL) Trust in federal government continues to falter

The following is an excerpt from Gallup News.

Americans continue to lack faith in the federal government, with low levels of trust in all three branches.

Gallup previously reported that trust in the judicial branch of the federal government has cratered in the past two years; it now sits at 47%, below the majority level for the first time in Gallup’s polling history.

At 43%, trust in the executive branch is just three percentage points above its record low from the Watergate era.

Americans are even less trusting in the legislative branch, at 38%, but this figure has been as low as 28% in the past.

The latest results are part of Gallup’s annual Governance survey, conducted Sept. 1-16. 

The poll finds Americans are much more trusting in their state (57%) and local (67%) governments than in any branch of the federal government.

Trust in state and local governments has been more stable historically than trust in the three federal branches. While state and local trust levels are currently below their historical averages of 63% and 70%, respectively, they are only slightly so.

Trust in federal government branches is largely influenced by the match between a person’s political party identification and the controlling party of the institution. 

Party gaps are greatest in views of the executive branch, with nearly 80 points separating Democratic and Republican trust.

Although the party divisions in trust in the legislative and judicial branches are comparatively small, the 42-point gap in ratings of the judicial branch is the largest Gallup has measured, and the 29-point gap in ratings of the legislative branch is four points below the 2009 record.

The latest decline in Americans’ trust in the judicial branch of the federal government — to 47% — means this is the first time that none of the three branches is trusted by a majority of Americans.

Americans continue to name the government as the most important problem facing the country as leaders in Washington struggle to find solutions to address inflation, illegal immigration, climate change and gun violence.

Read full survey analysis here.

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6 thoughts on “(POLL) Trust in federal government continues to falter”

  1. I did not trust them before, but since this administration took power, I have been watching the executive orders, watching the DOJ and FBI focusing on one specific party and movement while ignoring the other, seeing both parties collaborate to push through ridiculous spending ‘packages’ that will bankrupt the nation, watching a bogus ‘committee’ ‘investigate’ and Capitol breach, watching the entire federal apparatus do NOTHING about the crisis (yes, it is a damned crisis) along the Mexican border.
    It is to the point where it appears they have hired a Hollywood script writer and we are living out an artfully crafted series (we’re in season two now) that keeps us uninformed of the strategic power-grab of Big Central Government.

    1. Since the 1960s, people have said America is going the way of Rome. I did not agree until I thought about it. The Roman Republic collapse because the Senate lacked the will to pass the tough legislation to govern Rome. Corruption and Debt became the 2d & 3d reasons for the collapse of the Republic.
      The 3 main reasons for the collapse of the Western Empire were Corruption, Debt and the inability to control their borders.

      The loss of traditional values contributed to the collapse of the Republic, and kept the Empire from becoming as stable as it should have been. The values of the Republic were not unlike the values of America’s Founders. They were a religious people and worshiped the traditional pantheon of gods and goddesses. The Founders worshiped God.

      1. I now realize that it was the Leftists that were saying we were going the way of Rome, before the govt finished the 60s actions that put us on a path to implode.

  2. The problem is government,
    The Executive and Legislative branches helped cause inflation under the guise of COVID or SARS-19. Toss in the Judicial Branch as the cause of the invasion of Illegal Aliens. But, that is speed up the demise of America. Gun Control is another artificial problem. I say artificial because we have over 25,000 laws and ordinances at the Federal, State, and local levels of government. Most of those laws are not enforced. The most recent attempt to lessen gun violence will not do anything to stop the killings.
    Climate change is a govt created problem to separate the American people from their money.
    In the 1940s, scientists knew the earth was going to warm for another 1000 years and then another ice age would commence. Humans are not causing climate warming (change) and humans cannot prevent it.
    Example: Water levels in the South Western United States.
    The Colorado River ceased to reach the ocean in 1980. Every year the mud flat extended further inland. 1980 was the first indication a problem was in the making. In 2022, the experts scream panic. Anyone who has watch old cowboy movies centered around lessening water supplies, knows what to do.

  3. There is a lot of meddling in the government by outside entities. New World Order globalists already have a lot of money that they invest in specific areas in order to gain control of everything. Psychopaths!

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