(SURVEY) 25% of healthcare workers want to leave profession

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Healthcare Review.

One quarter of U.S. physicians, advanced practice providers and nurses are considering switching careers and one third are considering switching employers.

That’s according to newly released results from a survey conducted by Bain & Company.

Listed below are some of the key takeaways from the survey and brief, which was released Oct. 11 and can be found in full here

  • Of the 25 percent of clinicians who are thinking about exiting healthcare entirely, 89 percent cite burnout as the main driver.
  • Nearly 60 percent of physician, advanced practice provider and nurse respondents say their teams are not adequately staffed; 40 percent feel there is a lack of resources to operate at full potential.
  • The top three things clinicians care about most in their profession are compensation, quality of patient care and workload, according to the survey. Of those three, they are least satisfied with compensation (59 percent expressed satisfaction) and workload (60 percent). Eighty percent said they are satisfied with the quality of patient care. 
  • Burnout shows up throughout clinicians’ days, with 63 percent saying they feel worn out at the end of the workday, 51 percent saying they feel they don’t have time and energy for family and friends during leisure time, and 38 percent feeling exhausted in the morning at the thought of another workday. 

The Bain U.S. Frontline of Healthcare Survey was conducted in July 2022 with 573 U.S. clinicians.

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3 thoughts on “(SURVEY) 25% of healthcare workers want to leave profession”

  1. I wonder if working 12-hour shifts could contribute to that burnout. Sure they are working a 3-day week but those three 12-hour days are sure lonnnnggg.

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